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why does my laptop take 8 minutes to start up?

its 3 years old and i have deleted all unecessary software and run every spyware and virus thing there is... someone said the hard drive might be starting to go... is that possible ? it's an IBM thinkpad with windows XP..and my friend had the same exact one and his hard drive failed. also, the hard drive is like 34 gb full of 40 gb which i heard is bad for xp... is there anything i can do?


thanks dave there are 41 things in that menu but they all look like system components (start with IBM or WIN...etc...)

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    first - yes, it's possible for hard drives to go bad. it happens every day. second - it's not bad for Windows to run on an almost-full hard drive. it will slow you down though. third - you can do this...

    click Start/ Run, then type "msconfig." click the Startup tab. this will show you a list of all the programs that load when you boot the computer. if the list is big (say, more than 15 items), that is what is causing your computer to boot slowly. lots of extra programs loading whenever Windows starts.

    you can uncheck the boxes of programs you don't want to auto start, but don't go around wildly unchecking everything - you need some of that stuff to run. if you don't know what a program is, google it before you uncheck it.

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    You should backup your data from the drive somehow.

    Ghost might be good for that - but you need a drive or another computer to copy it to.

    Then try defragmenting your C: drive.

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    you know what you could do taking to the computer store and they will tell you what wrong with it and they will also fixing it could be that the gb not the right one or something wrong with your window xp?

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    You could speed up your pc by reformatting it, and reinstalling everything back to factory settings. . Also, follow these steps to delete files:



    type prefetch

    and delete all those files.

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    Try to do a windows re-installation, it might improve its performance

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    to manny itemes in your start up right click on bottem bar and go to task manager aplications select end process

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    maybe u need to defragment the hard drive. or clean-up all those cookies you have floating around your computer

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    use disk cleanup to clear unused file such as *.tmp

    start>program>accessories>system tools>disk cleanup

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