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Why do some love to listen loud music, while others either listen to very slow music or like silence?

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    Real music afficionados will hear music at a high volume but not loud, just loud enopugh to hear the nuances of the instruments in the recording, not just the notes and others just like the music in the background 'cause they're focusing on something else. Everyone has an "internal key". It also has to do with attention/focus/perception. For example at a given time (not always) someone in a group will find a song in G major nice, while the other won't because their "internal key" is exposed and it's dissonant to G, say F# or something. Sometimes when the person is depressed he/she will find a song in a minor key more a ppealing than a song in a mayor key. Sometimes people will find some music atrocious to their ear. It has to do with dissonance and deafness. Peoples hearing is somewhat a mystery to some. People who like distorted guitar sounds and shreiking vocalists are more prone to react to dissonance and distorted overtones, sometimes unconciously (when they're not really listening) and others will find smooth and defined harmonies more appealing.

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    Becuase people love the songs that why they listen to the music loud and also it good for the women. the very slow music is for people who want to have a romantic time like dates setting up for a mate. people that like silence becuase they either want to focus on studying, reading, sleeping, prayer and others.

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    I Like Loud Music.

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    Different personality types, I suppose. But if that's the case, I must have multiple personalities because sometimes I prefer silence or soft music over louder music.

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    I suppose its there own personal tastes in music i like most different types of music thats why my itunes libarary had songs ranging from jack johnson to alice cooper and rammstein.

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    There are two types of people in this world.

    First one who want to explore or show their hearty feeling

    and second who don't want to explore or show their feeling.

    even both have a strong feeling.

    The first kind of ppl are love to listen loud music.

    & the second kind of ppl are love to listen very slow music.

    It is seen that 1st kind of ppl r mostly having any one or more of the following properties.--

    full of confidance, independent, financialy strong, age below 30, sharing more friend, and very aggressive.

    but 2nd kind of ppl r mostly having any one or more of the following properties.--

    lack of confidance, not more independent, financialy not much strong, age above 30, not sharing more friend, and not very aggressive.

    Source(s): source:- My heart bcoz I am a 2nd kind of ppl.
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    everybody's different- me i personally like both- it depends on my mood, for instance if im in a good mood or if i jus wanna relax, i wud listen to sum slow r&b songs but if i wanna dance id break out wit sum hip hop, rap you kno wat i mean?

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    well i guess your questioned has been answered..

    i definitely agree with both tunefactory and razg4u..

    they're right..

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    personal preference

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