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Why do women shave???

I know why women shave now a days. But what started it all. Why did women originally start shaving. Men now a days like shaved legs because thats what they are used to. But before women started shaving wern't men used to hairy legs. Why the switch???

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    In 1915 the razor companies realized how much money they were not making because they only sold to men. They tapped into the female market by starting an ad campaign encouraging women to shave. Sears and Roebuck had female razors and depilatories in their catalogs by 1922 and the rest is history.

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    I have to guess that back then there were alot of women that looked like men and in order to tell the difference - women ended up shaving their arm pits, legs and whatever else!!!

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    Someone saw an opportunity to make money.

    But basically women have always wanted to appear feminine and the most feminine women have very little hair on their bodies other than the top of their heads.

    American women have been getting steadily more masculine as better nourishment has led to higher levels of testosterone, so American women are actually hairier than their antecedents of 150 years ago, very many of whom simply did not have leg hair, moustache growth etc.

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    Women's legs used to be hidden under long skirts, and often under petticoats and opaque stockings as well.

    During the 1920s, American women's fashion exposed the ankles and calves and women began wearing translucent stockings. Their legs were visible to the world, so they started shaving them. Another reason was to make themselves look younger, the same reason they bound their breasts and de-emphasized their hips.

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    Hi Boo, Women want to look good for their man. Besides that,what woman would like to walk around with dark long hair hanging off their legs. See what i mean!

    Merry Christmas.


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    It gives me th desire to go down. also think it's cute. Whats with the "BUGS" Belinda? Shaving aint gonna cure you that!

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    I shave because it makes me feel clean and sexy. I think it probably started as a cleanliness thing. Bugs and all that.

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    its nice that women shave

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    They like it .....

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    i dont know...................

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