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What are your views on Physical Appearance?

People are very visual. We like to see pretty people and will chose to hang out with a prettier person over an ugly person. This is a fact. However, there is also the realization that beauty if only skin deep and what really should matter is what is on the inside. But would you go out with a girl that was ugly, yet she was smart, kind, warm, social, and had alot of beautiful qualities?Or would you chose the more attractive girl? How important is physical appearance and how much time and effort should one put in order to look good. Please do not say that physical appearance does not matter, you are lying to yourself, since we are not blind and the first thing we see and judge, in other words our first impression of a person is based on their appearance.

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    an enhancement to the arts but misleading to society.

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    It is true that appearance is the first thing we see in someone, as we have no other choice! When we come to meet better a person, then we can change the way we see him/ her.

    Moreover, beauty is a subjective matter, as everyone judges with his eyes. A person that is pretty for me, could be ugly for someone else.

    And, growing up we all realize that the appearance doesn't matter that much and we start appreciate the inside world of a person. At least, this is happens in my case...

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    I would not go out with an ugly girl even if she was otherwise perfect. There's has to be an attraction.

    I wouldn't go out with a gorgeous girl if she was dumb, unkind, cold, unsocial and had a lot of unbeautiful qualities.

    You simply have to adjust it to your liking - inner beauty vs. outer beauty. What are your desires? What's important to you?

    Physical appearance is important because aesthetics are important to life. If the world and everyone in it was ugly and nasty or all gray, we'd all be pretty gloomy. We really need beauty in the world. That's why we create it and seek it.

    People who only consider physical apprearance don't do well. An example is the women on daytime talk shows talking about men who only see them as objects. These guys might score but I doubt they know how to create a happy, loving and peaceful relationship. (I think those women are the proof.)

    And don't be some overweight, smelly and underdressed guy hitting on some beautiful girl in great shape. I suppose relationships like can in exist in theory, but you very, very seldom see them, if ever. The better physicalness you demand, the better yours need to be. Relationships are two-way, not one-way.

    But yea, physical appearance is so very important. The problem is when you concentrate on that only.

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    Guys are extremely visual. Guilty as charged. I have an aversion to ugly people no matter how beautiful they are on the inside. I have paid the price sometimes to go out with pretty women because they turned out to air-heads. I give myself the chance to know as much about most the people I meet. Beauty is only skin deep as you say, but physical or even sexual attraction kicks in from the first moment and is based on visual pleasing. I like it when a women takes the time to look good, but I think they sometimes over-do it.

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    The girl I've loved the most was fairly ordinary looking to most people but I didn't see her that way. I couldn't imagine anyone more beautiful than her. Unfortunately, she had issues with her looks and no amount of reassurance would convince her of how beautiful she was to me.

    Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

    As for physical appearance, I'd take an ordinary girl with a good heart and intelligence over a shallow but stunning girl any day. I'm not sure about a really ugly girl. I guess I'm a little shallow.

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    You don't want someone to physically repulse you - that's a given. However, some people become incredibly attractive the more you get to know them. I have had this happen with a guy that I really loved a lot. He was so sweet, kind and intelligent that I couldn't resist him after a while. A guy with "perfect" looks or whatever couldn't possibly compete with him because he's so unique and can't be duplicated. That's the beauty of a person's soul, I believe.

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    In a romantic sense it is very important but only as an initial cutoff (i.e. I must first find a girl physically attractive before anything can happen). In fact at stage one it is THE most important factor.

    However, for the group of girls that 'pass' to stage two it is all personality after that. As long as they make stage two I would definitely choose the girl with the best personality that I really 'click' with over the gorgeous model of the bunch.

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    I agree 100percent that physical appearance does affect how we see other people, no matter how nice and great their personality is. We judge everything beginning with the looks and slowly, almost but not really, forget about looks and think about whats "on the inside". It's important for someone to look like they take care of themselves. The "love-at-first-sight" thing; is just like this. We see the person before we get to know them, we probably will never get to know them if we're the type of people who totally judge based upon good-looks. I honestly need someone to be both. I'm not gonna lie about it... Interesting subject; i love it.

    Merry Christmas

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    seems that you have answered your own question: Please do not say that physical appearance does not matter, you are lying to yourself, since we are not blind and the first thing we see and judge, in other words our first impression of a person is based on their appearance.

    What can i say, of course physical appearance matters, either for a guy or for a girl, no doubt the former will place bigger emphasis on this.

    But my thinking is that even if you are ugly but have a good personality and intellect, you can still outwit a bimbo

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    A woman's attractive looks have a way of captivating a man, whereas fat and ugliness have a way of turning him off.

    I would prefer that she be BOTH attractive AND have the kind-hearted qualities. Just think - someone could be ugly on the outside and also ugly on the inside...then you'd REALLY be screwed!

    Another thing - I've found that ugly girls can turn you down for a date just as fast as the pretty ones, so why mess around with them or try to do them a favor when they have such an attitude?

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    Yeah people will say physical appearance doesn't matter, I myself think that Is B.S. I believe if you live in a big white society people tend to judge you according to your skin colour. In other words if you are Black, Brown or Asian you will have to get the hell outta there. If you are white and look like a fat troll, it won't matter, you will find a mate no matter what.

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