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Whats your favorite ......?

My favorite thing to do on the sims is to make little traps for them to c how long they can survive in like a tiny room im not like a killer lol but thats juss what makes it fun ........

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    umm... i like to play the game and make my guy the best??

    if i get bored with it, then i just switch to another game...

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    I have tons of hacked objects for multiple uses.

    I made a sim be a " mad inventor " who made Servo Bots that moved into other sims' houses and " explode " on them by using buyable fire.

    Then I made a SWAT family to go after the mad inventor, they all spontaniously died via electrocution ( guillotine all-death object ) from trying to breach the perimeter.

    I also have a have family living in a castle, and the king and queen are Santa and Mrs. Claus with live-in servants attending everything.

    Then I got a family of nothing but zombies and vampires. They just hang out at night and stuff.

    Lastly, I have my " god " character with max everything that plays balance keeper, making sure nobody else has all the fun wreaking havoc on the world.

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    All i like to do on that game is do the cheats and get realllly really rich and then build a mansion. i dont really find it fun too actually play the game i just like building the houses. i find that the seems get too needy so wen i get sk of them i make tehm jump in the pool and i take away the stairs. in the original version tehy will drown but i dunno about the newer ones.

    Merry Christmas

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    I like the sims too! I always make a big family and then make them dive into the pool without a ladder...They will be drowned within one day...Forgot to tell you......I'm a tombstone collecter...haha

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    I burn them, trap them in a room while having a party then set everything unto fire and watch them burn till they die. After that, well... just do something else to torture them. Or have them taking showers then using the cheat to remove the shower then watch them, hehe.

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    1 decade ago

    Yeah, I did that too. Its fun to experiment.

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