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What is your most emberassing moment?

Please IM me or explain.


Man sme people have issues. I mean is spelling a word wrong a really big deal.

Half of you should not be judging becuase looking at your avatars I can tell you are ugly.....

sorry but its true

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    I was in 6th grade and the teachers son and I were making out in the class room after school and then his mom/my teacher and my mom walk in it was terrible all year i couldn't look the teacher in the eyes.

  • englin
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    3 years ago

    image this: on the appropriate holiday in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, my boyfriend and a couple of male pals we met all sitting on the sea coast in front of two bars having cocktails and my boyfriend says he has never swam in the sea! properly i became a great deal shocked, being from Cali and all, so i'm like it is so relaxing, do no longer difficulty. So off i flow to instruct him the thank you to dive in the path of the waves and stuff, whilst unexpectedly right here comes those waves, way larger than any in Cali and that they slam me to the sand! I get up in a daze and lots to my marvel, my total bathing suit became now no longer on my physique! i became freaking out interior. i eventually pulled myself collectively and after somewhat a whilst desperate to undertaking up into the bar to apply the washing room and a number of of human beings pointed and made comments to me like advantageous T!ts and stuff! OMG! I so became no longer buzzed adequate for that crap! LOL

  • My most EMBARRASSING moment?

    When I was at College, I got out of a busy public restroom once with my skirt stuck up my @ss!!!

    Yeah that must have been my most "glorious" moment, I must confess...

    Never happened again though.

    I learned the hard way!


    Take it easy & MERRY XMAS!!!

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    Mis-spelling embarrassing in a spelling bee

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  • DeeDee
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    we had a fire drill at work and we had to walk down the stairs as you would

    well i was joking to my friends walking down them saying .. ooOohh i might fall (coz i was wearing these stupid shoes at the time)

    well, low & behold .. i tripped .. screamed .. fell down 1 flight of stairs ..

    everyone behind me watched .. everyone below me looked up to stare .. and the echo of my voice in there OMG .. no1 let me live it down

    i ended up with 3 days off work coz i fractured my foot


    never again!

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    i once judged peoples avatars and like afterwards i noticed how retarded i sounded when i was callin a picture that u can make it look like anythin u want...ugly...sad aint it?!

  • Anonymous
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    when ur on the theatre being watched by many ppl starring at u ... & u suddenly forget the script.. well it happened with me in the 8th grade!!

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    one time I spelled emberassing wrong.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I let out a loud fart in 5th during a test.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my most embarassing moment was reading this stupid question.

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