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Spotting after intercourse?

Yesterday after sex, I saw a light pink spot when I wiped. I am five days late for my period, unprotected sex all month, negative urine tests. Seeing that spot, does it mean my period is coming? Could that mean i am pregnant and my cervix is low and soft? Ot is it simply rough sex? ANy clue

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    better consult a gynaec, some times women bleed during intercourse.

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    some times i have the same thing it's caused by a number of thing like u said rough sex, peroid might be coming. the safest way to tell is go to the doctors get a blood test. if not preggers go on the pill or start using protection. good luck

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    honey I sometimes spot alittle if my man gets a little too freakyit's normal and I wouldn't worry. pregnancy doesn't happen that fast. It takes at least a few weeks for you to even notice any pregnancy signs. . It is more possible that your period is coming so ya better start wearing a pantiliner, just in case.

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    can be any or all, but a pregnancy test is of no use till you are one month and one week late. you just have to wait or see a doctor.

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    It could be rough sex, butI would say more then likely your period is coming.

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