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Do weight gainers really work?

Do those wieght gainer products from GNC work to gain weight?...I want to gain weight quick.

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    As with any diet--whether you're trying to gain or lose weight--a pill alone will never do the trick. You have to be willing to do the hard part, too. That means working out and eating more, and so on. I went to college with a scrawny freshman who graduated having gained significant weight in muscle. He worked hard for four years to get there, initially losing weight as he reconditioned his body. He lifted weights and ran constantly. And he got junk from GNC that he took, and he drank Slim Fast in between meals as an extra source of protein. He had a really high metabolism, so even doing all that, it took a couple years for a difference to really show. I suppose how long it would take for you would depend on your committment and your metabolism. As other have suggested, find yourself a legit trainer. And good luck!

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    No they don't work just to gain weight. you might as well just eat a bunch of big macs. To gain weight I'm assuming you mean muscle mass you need to work out and it will take 6 months to get to some good results. The protien shakes and powders that ppl use are for ppl who work out a lot and want to get their bodies running on protien because their is no substitute for protien when building muscle mass. But to build this mass you need to weight lift. And it's not easy it takes time and many many reps as well as eating right.

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    Hare Krishna

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    Hell ya, but if you don't lift properly you'll just get fat. Most gyms offer a free one time trial session with a personal trainer. One session will set you up with enough knowledge to get started. Avoid L.A. fitness though, thier trainers are not legit, they're just losers with T shirts, no real training.

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    They did not do a thing for me.

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    yes they do

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