i live in a hot country how do i cool down my fish tank by a few degrees ?

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    Don't put the tank in direct sunlight, and if you have central air, keep the tank next to an air vent. If the tank is too large to relocate, turn the aquarium lights off during the day and use natural light from the room. Also, you may want to use a lower wattage light bulb (Best Solution). As long as the temp does not go above 84 degrees, the fish should be fine.

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    Depends on the size of the fish tank but in the summer when temps reached over 100 for about 3-4 weeks, we floated bags of ice cubes in tanks that needed lower temps because the fancy goldfish didn't like the 85 degree water and tropical fish get a little stressed when the water gets over 85. When the cubes melted or the temp got to 80, we just refroze the water and used repeatedly. We do not recommend setting these bags of ice back in the fridge without another bag over them for sanitation reasons.

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    maybe you could put a small electric fan blowing over the water, this will also help keep your house cool with the evaporation method, you would need to top up the water a bit maybe daily, and the ice cube thing but not too many of those

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    Just put your fish tank into the fridge for a while...Remember to take it out after a while or it will become fish-ice-cream(*.*)

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    where do you live? Take your tank out of direct sunlight.

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    an aquarium chiller

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