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This question is for the Sikh people.?

I hav been friends with a sikh for quite a long time. I'm in my teenage years, and you know, I'm growing more and more self-concious of myself and the people I hang out with.

This friend of mine, she follows sikhism and she doesn't cut her hair, not even the hair on the legs. I never used to mind, but recently, I started noticing her legs, cos she sometimes wears shorts and skirts, and the hair on her legs are quite visible and thick. If I were her, I would be more modest about it, but she crosses her legs and bares like there's nothing wrong.

I'm worried for her. Doesn't she feel strange, or that people on the streets look at her strangely? I know it's none of my business, but I'm starting to feel embarassed to be seen with her. Don't you Sikh girls feel pressured in by society? Or do you behave in the same way she does? It's not just the leg hair, she's got a moustache as well. And she's hella proud of herself. I've noticed that a lot of Sikh people are. What is up with that?


Well, I actually think it's because of her parents. Her older sister once told me she would "change a lot of things about herself" if it weren't for her parents.

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    I think that it is excellent she is standing by what she believes.

    coming from the religion Sikhism it can be very hard for children growing up, it is very important in our religion that we follow what is said by our gurus, one of the rules is not cutting any hair on our bodies, it is hard for girls and boys to live up to this expectation, it is very easy to go out there and get a haircut or use a razor to shave of hairs on our legs but we are forbidden,

    Your friend probably feels conscious sometimes about this, you are not a good friend if you let simple things like this bother you.

    When we start judging people on what they look like that is wrong your friend has feelings and has the right to live her life as do you however she wants but who says that you should shave hairs on your legs- other people / society.......will it make her a better person if she shaves her legs?????

    You are wrong, support your friend in what ever she does but respect her religion and her beliefs. If other people in this religion chose not to follow it that is their wish, sometimes in a Sikh household children have to do what there parents want, they have the option when they get older to change this and some do.

    She is proud of her culture and heritage and why shouldnt she she believes in it. Why does it bother you so much that she has a strong faith and follows guidance given to her.

    Your probably perfect yourself......You know everything you need to in life i guess and have the perfect looks. Your wrong every human being had faults and learn to love for who they are.

    Learn to respect people and find out more about them, if you dont want to know then be ignorant and grow up to be a horrible person.

    I dont feel pressurized to do things because of society i have a brain and know what is right and wrong for me. Im also a very proud sikh girl im just glad i dont have friends like you that are mean,

    p.s I dont have a mustache

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    Maybe she's just a feminist as well.

    I shave and such... but I think the arguements for not shaving are very valid. The media does tend to brainwash us into doing things and spending money that we really don't have do. Why should a girl shave? It is only a recent cultural development even in the West, marketed by Gilette to get some money in the 1920s/30s!

    Let her be who she wants to be.

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  • I am very, very proud to be Sikh, and I don't cut my hair, but I do shave. In my family, our religion's values are very important, but the women do wax and shave. Many of my cousins trim their hair as well. I guess that it's based on how people interpret the religion.

    In my opinion, she should shave and wax, but if she doesn't it's her choice (free country). If you really feel the need to, ask her to shave, but don't hurt her feelings.

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    if she is hot then u shouldnt mind because i no a lot of girls like that, but they never wear shorts. My suggestion is that u persuade her that shorts dont look good on her unless she dosnt care and she knows... also many girls dont shave their legs because if u do when it grows back it is twice as thick

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    nothing, you should be proud that she's your friend. you can usually count on the sort of person who stick to their principles and refuse to surrender to the shallowness of idealised beauty.

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