I gotta problem hooking up with this girl and her bf who she's not really totally into?

Istarted talking w/ her like everyday @ school, she was kinda the only reason i looked forward going to school for. then i gave her a present which she didnt want cuz she said she didnt deserve a present (still cant understand wat that means) she took it later on n the day and opened it later (necklace) .then over x-mas break she hooked up w/ her close friends bro which ruined my life. well i then "gave up" on hooking up w/her so during vacation i was looking 4 a girl but 0 satisfied. well once i got back in skool and talking w/her, the way she smiled and laughed wen i talked w/her made me realize that shes pretty much the only girl im really into. well i gave her a present not 2 long ago along with a letter saying how i liked her and that she should try new things(like me)she hasnt really said much since so wat should i do? i sent her sum msgs but she hasnt replied since.


o yea shes like my closest friend, i know she likes me and she's pretty much always home and i doesnt really communicate w/ her bf so its like a little thing, i know she likes me, in fact she never talks about her bf the whole time i have ever known her i havent been freakin stalking her so dont think this as a weirdo obsession with me getting pieces of her hair and having ritual and s**t like that im not no little kid

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    1 decade ago
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    she is trying to tell you something by not responding.

  • rehrer
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    3 years ago

    i pass to declare that no you ought to besides the shown fact that conceal how they experience for long! in case you like somebody and that they are besides the shown fact that around and you the two have a similar thoughts yet you the two know that being friends is killin you the two i think of of that as rapidly as she is waiting she could have the skill to show you how to decrease back in precise now she needs to experience like she could be able to have a gradual courting with you. Being harm via way of love stinks, undesirable! She in fact ought to need time to return to a determination what she desires. How previous is she? it sort of feels to me which you 2 shouldn't play around if your no longer likely to be extreme approximately it. i propose it quite is such as you 2 are in fact pulling each and every and each others strings like puppets. ultimately somebody is going to accomplish a little ingredient to break the others thoughts, i propose in case you like somebody and particularly could make it paintings then make that attempt. yet as quickly as you get close and he or she pushes away then this could nicely be a demonstration to enable bypass. you ought to no longer love somebody that wont show you how to.

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