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how do you relate jews, hebrew, greek, roman and latin? what are they and are they similar in any form?

and which countries use what languages, and/or which countries have what races in majority?

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    Hebrew, Greek and Latin are languages developed around the area of the Mediterranean basin.

    Greek (which is of the Indo-European languages) has developed in Greece, and its many dialects were spoken in Anatolia, France, Italy and more additionally to Greece itself. It is the formal language of nowadays Greece and Caprice, although it is spoken in many other countries.

    Latin (which is of the Indo-European languages) has developed in Italy, in an area called "Latium". It was spoken by the Romans, and although it is considered a "dead language" (a language that does not have any mother-tongue speakers), it is the formal language of the Vatican and it is well used in the medical, juridical and literary areas. Latin is considered the "patriarch" of the Romance languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese…

    Hebrew (which is of the Northern Semitic languages- the Canaanite languages) has developed in the area of nowadays Israel. It is actually a dialect of Canaanite that was spoken in Israel by the "Hebrews". Whereas other Canaanite languages are extinct (Moabite, Phoenician…), Hebrew survived. Hebrew flourished as a spoken language in Israel from the 10th century BCE until just before the Byzantine Period in the 3rd or 4th century CE. Afterward Hebrew continued as a literary language until the Modern Era when it was revived as a spoken language in the 19th century by the descents of the Hebrews: the Jews. Hebrew is the formal language of Israel, and it is spoken by 7,000,000 people approximately (3,000,000 mother- tongue speakers approximately).

    As for your question: Greeks, Romans and Hebrews (Jews) are peoples, nations. Greek is the language of the Greeks, Latin is the language of the Romans, and Hebrew is the original language of the Hebrews (the Jews).

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    Jews are a people, Hebrew is their language, and their alphabet.

    Greeks are a people, and Greek is their language and their alphabet.

    Romans were a people, and Latin was their language, and is our alphabet.

    Source(s): The study of western civilization is fascinating!
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    Phoenicians were the first to create a writing , the knowledge was passed to Aramaic who passed it to Arabic and Greek, Greeks passed it to Romans and then it blossomed... that's as far as i know.

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    I dont know much about statistics.But what I know is that all these languages are meditaranean and the peoples of these areas live geographically in adjoining countries

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    i am jewish..

    hebrew is the language of the jewish people...

    jews look similar to greeks...

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    where are you from??????which planet?

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