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Why no land?

If the Amish and Mormans can have there own towns, why can't Native Americans. This is there country right? Someone please let me know !

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Amish and Mormons don't have their "own" towns. There are towns where their populations may dominate demographically and this may be reflected in local policies and lifestyles, but they don't, by any stretch, "own" the town. American Indians, on the other hand, have been granted a great deal of land in the form of reservations, many of which are semi-autonomous and can function under their own laws, customs and regulations as they see fit.

    Yes, this is their country, but it is also the country of every other person who was born here or legally migrated from somewhere else.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To protect one's rights and property (one includes a community) one should have the required strength and the courage to keep the adversaries at bay... If the natives are outnumbered by the intruders (who have a compulsion to find a new home and could be aggressive to claim a space) then they have to withdraw... If the intruders are driven by conscience that they have no right to dispossess the natives and make them refugees in their own lands, they (or their further generation of people) should restore the rights to them...

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