How will I know if Im Bi?

Im confused. I dont know if Im Bi. It's just that I find my self sometimes attracted to same sex but I still prefer gilrs. Am I gay? Is there something wrong with me? How can I get rid of it? Please help.

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    1 decade ago
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    how will you know your not?

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    1 decade ago

    If that attraction to the same sex is sexual then you are bisexual (attracted sexually to both men and women). How to get rid of it? Sorry there is no cure. You just have to accept and live with it. Your brain is not like a computer where you can just reformat it and start a new life. Now you understand that being gay/bi/lesbian is not purely a choice! Some people are born with it. There are even cases it takes a long time (50 years old) for a person to realize he is gay. Though some say it is just a "phase" but most are not. Do not beat up yourself too much. It will frustrate and depress you more. There are a number of women out there who welcome bisexual men.

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    1 decade ago

    You sort of answered your own question. Although an attraction for both sexes is sometimes a temporary thing in adolescence, if it continues, you are probably a bisexual.

    Bisexuals rarely are attracted to both sexes equally. Usually there is a preference for one sex over the other. It sounds like you are more attracted to women, although the attraction to men is still there, in the background.

    It is my belief that the vast majority of men are bisexual to some extent. (You have to live a few more years to figure this out.) I am assuming you are a guy from your question. Most men in your position (who have a preference for women) have no trouble marrying and staying loyal to their spouses.

    You most assuredly are not gay if you are a man and are attracted to women. My guess is that you are bisexual but have a preference for the ladies for sex partners.

    Good luck. You will be fine. Don't dwell on this. Sometimes it takes time for us to accept our own sexual orientation.

    Source(s): Been there.
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    Experience will help you decide. Try dating some men and comparing those experiences with dating women. If you discover you have a strong bias in favor of the people you have been dating based on gender then you are most likely either straight or gay. If you have no clear bias in preference of either gender then you are most likely Bi.

    Being Bi is harder to deal with than being straight or gay because it means you may find that a single partner is unsatisfactory if you have a deep sexual need for both types of expereince.

    However, it is very hard to have multiple partner relationships. It would be easier to do so if our societies did not form our expectations about relationships to strongly favor monogamy.

    But even in a climate where monogomy is not strongly acculturated it may be hard to have multiple partner realtionships without role models to help us learn the ropes. So I hope for your sake you are not truly Bi, and that if you are you will be successful in finding the lovers that ideally suit your needs and for whom you will also be ideal.

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    I have heard that everyone is really bi no matter what they say. I am attracted to women. But I couldn't imagine being in a relationship with one. You are normal. And when people say they have never been attracted to the same sex they are just afraid to admit it.

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    Im pretty much sick and tired of ppl asking this in general. Nothing against you but you have to be an idiot to really wonder this question. How do you know if ur bi...well lets see, I would say you are bi if you are attracted to both sexes. If your answer is yes then you are freaking bi and if your answer is no then you are not. Its not hard, its pretty damn simple.

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    I see this question on here, and have heard it many times at he bar. Let me tell you something. Get in front of a mirror, look yourself in the face, and ask the question. Only you will know the true answer to this question. Don't forget though, there's someone out there for all of us. There are girls who find a bisexual man attractive.

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    Personally, i do not believe in bi-sexual. I think you are straight or you are gay. i think bi-sexuals are actually gay, but have been taught that same sex relationships are "bad" or "wrong" and their attraction to the opposite sex is indoctrinated. But, i am prolly wrong. In the end it does not matter. Just go with whatever makes you happy.

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    1 decade ago

    Well,how does one get rid of feelings?

    You just can't.

    What you need to do ,is find it out.

    Go see if there is a dude you would want to "do"(horrible expression).

    Then see what you felt about it

    Easier:rent some gay porn:see what it does to you.

    You understand this ,don't you?

    And even,if it was so :you are a bi-sexual:big deal.

    greetings :ROB.XXXX

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    You don't mention your age. If you're first coming into your sexual awareness, you may be getting the same urges for both guys & girls. I'm not advocating you experiment with these attrations, but mabey you should talk to a councilor Hope I helped you.

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    1 decade ago

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with you if you are bi or not. This is something for you to figure out on your own. No one can tell you what your sexual preference is.

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