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i can't forget her no matter what?

how can i forget somone that love and love her but her parent sepreat us appart just because i from italy but i never love someone as much as i loved her and she left the state like year ago but i cant get her out of mind i know for sure that she love me but she have to listen to her ******* dad

it been year and half and i can't forget her eyes please don't tell me date because i try and the girls end fell in love with me but i still thinking about the other one

i know alot of girls and all have crudh on me but i'm only intersted in one person the

person that left alone

how can i change

how can i forget her how can i forget the most beatiful eyes i have ever seeeeeeeeen

how how how

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    You have to really want to forget her, that's all. You have to have as your goal, being someone who no longer needs her. Easy to say, hard to do. Start by reminding yourself, whenever you think of her, that she is gone and you must accept it.

    I'd rather see you track her down and declare your love, though. Good luck.

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    sounds like you have ocd or something. Once people are apart they change, and change a lot the longer they are apart. If you tried to get back with her she would not be the same, it was just a moment in time.

    So how can you change? Get yourself a new girlfriend. When you find interest in someone else, the old flame will die quickly. Sounds like you're stuck with an "old" thought. Just move on.

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    listen I am not here to say and convince you that its easy to forget her but the fact is that you have to ,you need to believe that person is not yours any more ,you have to go on with your life and give yourself every single chance to change ,you'll never forget her but you'll get over at least ...

    Keep her in your mind and heart as the very special person you have ever met but dont let that runies your life ..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get over it and stop being such a little pussie. you only want her because you cannot have her. there are millions of vaginas out there, and they are all more or less the same. desirable until you blow your load, then they are annoying.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    how indeed, that is the 64000 dollar question.

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