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Help me remember an old PSone game?

I'm trying to remember the name of an early PSX game. I remember playing it on a demo for the PSX (maybe Underground).

Anyways the game is a type of "tank shooter" game. It was a 3d game and the graphics were blocky. There was a weapon that i clearly remembered in the game, it was like a guided missle (like the nikita rocket from Metal gear solid). This game was playable in the demo i am talking about. What is the game that i'm talking about??....heres some facts about it

* early PSX title

* has tanks or tank-like shooting vechicles as the main focus of the game

* has a guided missle weapon in the game (like in metal gear solid, except it's shot from the tank)

* in the early PlayStation Demo (maybe PS underground)

* demo included playable games consisting of Crash Bandicoot 1, Diehard (arcade shooter) and maybe acecombat

* demo included video game trailers and movie clips of Tobal no.1???, Twisted Metal, Demolition Derby, JetMoto.

* a 3-D action game


No it's not GTA2, i don't think GTA2 is a 3d game to begin with

Update 2:

Okay, let me add some things (or reinsert)

* When i say guided missile, i do not mean a heat sinker or a homing missle. The play actually controls the missle by first person point of view (Nikita missle in Metal gear solid series)

* And the game that i am thinking about is 3D. Not a 2d , but 3d. and i think i remember it being both a 3rd person and 1st person shooter.

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