My "girlfriend" is weird, help?

well soon to be girlfriend if im too fortunate.

First of all and the big thing is we are in a distant relationship. I gave her a gift on her birthday, a gift this christmas. She took it very well with thnx. But sometimes she's acting weird. The last time I talk to her, she was a little mad coz of a little conversation we had that i dont think its a big deal, shes so sensitive. SInce then, she never answered my call on a christmas eve even a text message.

Sometimes when i call, she never like to be talked when shes out like shopping, going to a parlor coz shes not comfortable with it. I told her about this and she said, you have to deal with it coz im like this, i even dont answer my mom's call, she said. If you cant deal with it, our relationship will never last.

In short, shes in a good mood in a minute but after few minutes she's bad and it cycles all over again.


Is she hiding something from me? or is there other girls like that?


Case Solved: false alarm, she left her celphone for 4 days at her place coz she went to her friend's house during christmas season. She still loves me :D She felt so sorry to me.

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    I think you girlfriend is passive aggressive

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    I'm not sure what you mean by a distant relationship. In any event, how you two communicate needs to be ironed out. I had a girlfriend and we had a hard time talking on the phone. Talking in person. one-on-one was for me the best and most rewarding way to communicate. It worked for her too. E-mail, IM, and answering machines messages didn't do it.

    Give her a little space. Let her call you. I don't think she is hiding anything from you, but if you find a real slacking off in her affection for you, then that's a red flag.

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    I am a guy and this sound like the way I treat my girl. Not good news, I am an asshole. I am not really into her anymore and instead of breaking up with her I just drag it out because I like having her around when I need her, I would dump her and make her see that she ****** up man. I know it sucks but it sounds like she is about to dump you, DO IT FIRST, and do it unemotionally make it seem as though it is her fault, trust me if she dumps you, you will basically be castrated. After she realizes that she was the problem, she will come running back, but give it a month with no phone calls to her. Don't pick up her phone either, untill she is begging for it. Ruthless but it is the quickest way. Goodluck man!

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    well at the moment my boy and i are having distance relationship and i have the same mood swings i know cos he tells me one minute im happy the next im moody...but my moodiness comes from my boy being far away and it is simply just missing him. I kmow it sounds weird I can't say for sure that your girlfriend is anything like me but i know a lot of ppl who get moody and say mean stuff when they are in long distance relationships because it is frustrating not being able to be close to the person. Sometimes my boy doesn't msg all day and i get maaaaaddd so i dont answer his calls for 2 days only because i want him to worry about me (simply I want to know that he cares, that he loves me) yes some of us girls are strange...its hard to explain but stick in there maybe try a few ways see how she reacts like dont message her for a few days then send her a really romantic message...hope this helps..

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    She's full of crap. She is into the fact that she can play you like a fool. It makes her feel like she is so hot that you are willing to jump through hoops for her. It is all about her ego. Once you feed it she don't need you anymore time to hang up. She don't take her own mom's call...I don't believe it and if she doesn't take her mom's call that is a major red flag. Move on... long distance relationship never work.

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    you know the anwer to this, but you dont want to know the truth, so you are in denial. the reason she is getting mad is because she doesn't want to catch **** from her boyfriend because another guy keeps calling her. but she also doesn't want to deal with your inability to handle the truth, so she keeps lying to you; you dont have a relationship now, and you never will. move on dude. there are millions of other vaginas out there. just remember one thing:

    NEVER trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.

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    You are both too young to be involved in a serious relationship. Especially with this being long distance...she is either not making herself available, or you are calling her way too much. This is called overkill. Scale back on your phone calls to once a day.

    Source(s): Long distance relationships do not work...(I"m sorry)
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    The fact that its a long distance relationship and you sound to be about 15. So I wouldn't worry about her to much. Find somebody closer to home to talk to.

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    wow she wired but there is girls like her the thing is r u welling 2bwith someone who don't care about u even alittile bit ? cuz she don't care about u look like it easy 2not talk 2u , and u can make some one call her when she shoping and find out if she really like this with u or with evry one like she say .

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    wonen are strange.

    sounds like she is hiding something from you.

    She obviously is not taking your feelings into acount when she says deal with it.

    I would look for someone else

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