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why has my girlfriend lost her sex drive after almost a year of being together?

I really want to express my physical feelings for my girlfriend again, but for the last 4 months or so she has had absolutely no sex drive. we love each other very much and we have had great sex in the past, but recently she hasn't been interested in sex. she claims that she feels morally bad about it. What can i do?

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    Several possibilities:

    1. She thought that giving in on sex would get you to marry her, and now sees you're not going that route; law of diminishing returns.

    2. She was faking the sex drive to attract a mate, and now her true self is exposed.

    3. She has a medical/psych problem.

    4. She's got eyes on other dude/dudette.

    5. Drug induced problems.

    6. She simply thinks it's gotten boring.

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    Ok, no pills, no drugs. The male sex drive is intimately linked with your overall health, fitness and most especially testosterone. You haven’t said anything about your physical condition so it is hard to tell. Here is a list of things that can affect the male sex drive. - If you are overweight or unfit this will affect your sex drive. - If you are depressed this will affect your sex drive. - If you do not sleep enough, this will affect your sex drive. - If you are stressed, or overworked this will affect your sex drive. You might not be producing enough testosterone, again this can be for a number of reasons. - Try some moderate exercise (eg walking every day or 3 times a week) - Weight Training would be the best idea - Fix up your diet, try and include more EFAs (essential fatty acids), eg nuts, avocadoes Take some libido enhancing supplements. (Ok you’ve said you don’t want to be sold on pills, but maybe try Horny Goat Weed or any Male Health Formula. Talk to someone at your local Health Food Store. Maybe even Tribulus Terrestis would help) If none of these approaches work, you might need to see your doctor to get your testosterone levels checked. I think they can do this through a spit test (it’s not confronting or invasive). In a sever case you might need HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) – basically drugs from your doctor, but this is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Getting more sleep. Going to the gym. Doing more exercise. Having a better diet and taking a supplement should solve the problem. I’m not doing this for a hard sell, but if you like my answer, then check out my site. Thanks and good luck!

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    Dude wake up... I think she may be doing the nasty with someone else. Now i could be wrong, but you have to look into that as something that could be going on. In most women they just start getting there sex drive in there late 20s or early 30's. If she had no problem with it before then she should have no issue with it now, she isn't going to admit an affair so you may have to dig around. Remember, be true to thyself.

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    Maybe you have been entrapped in the worst enemy of all relationships:routine ... so try something new and exciting... If this is not the case, maybe your girlfriend has some problems (family or business matters). Anyway you should try a subtle conversation and really listen to her, you might reveal more than you expect and it is always worthwhile

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    Well what is the difference between then and now? I would say try to romance her. You guys haven't been together that long. Sometimes me and my boyfriend take break from each other. I know this sounds strange but we won't see each other for a month. Then when we finally do see each other........It's wonderful. Or you could always ask her to marry you!

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    If she feels morally bad and you love her and your booth old enough maybe she looking for marriage.

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    Maybe she saw someone who is better than you. So you must impress her by doing things that she like you to do.

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    take her to a doctor, and check it out. Maybe you are doing something without realizing it

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    leave her alone, if she feels morally bad about it she has to decide its ok or she might just leave you, but you cant change her outlook unless you at least offer to marry her.

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    Women are that way.

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