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how to get her on the bit?

hi, i was just wondering how do you put your horse on the bit, i have seen all my friends do it and my horse can do it but i just dont know the right signals. can anyone help me!?!?!?!?!?!

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    The term "on the bit" is one your friends are using when riding English. Simply said, Engage your horses hind quarters by sending him forward with your legs,and gently strengthen your rein. As you begin to feel the natural pull on your fingers, gently shorten until he feels light. "On the bit" merely means "in contact" with his mouth,and a good soft mouth is the result of a nice gentle steady pressure...literally ON and awaiting your next set of signals! You will hear your friends ask you to Pick him Up as well, which is to speed up a bit and has nothing to do with where the bit is . Correct riding is a jumble of terms until you get the hang of them,and nothing is more annoying than trying to do something without a description. There are some lovely books that show diagrams and descriptions as well,check a bookstore for one that fits your level of experience and feels user -friendly. Then when your friends suggest something complex sounding, you will have all the right moves And all the right reasons.Ride on!

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    I know exactly what you mean by giving her the bit. when your walking you want your horse to stretch out. Remember the rear of the horse is the moter(like a boat or a volkswagon buggie). When she/he walks you want to feel your hips move with the horses steps, her/his neck should be stretched out and your reins not tight at all. Work on your balance on the horse, dont feel the need to always have the reins, put the reins down from time to time and just sit while he/she walks.

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    The answer on how to get your horse On The Bit is a long one. The best way for me to explain how to do it is with a horse and lots of diagrams. So instead of me trying to explain, I looked up a couple websites and think these two are exactly what your looking for:



    Great examples, explanations and pictures. Of course lots of practice will be needed on your part, have fun and keep at it!

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    besides engaging your horses rear end and having them come thru you also need to know how to get your horse to flex over at the poll. so you need to learn contact with your horses bit thru the reins. how to drive your horse with your legs up thru and into your hands and how to ask to flex. so many of us can tell you how to do this but better to have a trainer help you while you are riding so that someone can see you ride and critique you. hope this helps and good luck

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    generaly if your sitting how you should be and holding the reins right it will be more comfy for her to work on the bit. try sitting relaxed but with your back straight and holding the reins like coffe mugs. try to make sure your not holding the reins too short or to long as well... oh and make sure your hands are down near your lap too.

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    what do oyu mean by on the bit, i think you might be talking about getting her to take it in her mouth you just slde your thumbs in her mouth otherwise are you talking about her giving to it you just have to pull lightly one way ans then the other to drop her head however some horses are not trained all the same way

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