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If you work in an office do you have internet access and why?

I heard of people surfing on the net at work. Why do you have internet access to begin with?

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    I work on our IT Helpdesk. We use the Internet to look up solutions to customer's problems we don't know the answer to off the top of our heads.

    Also, when we are not taking calls we work on other projects and use the Internet to find how-tos, view online manuals, and keep up with technology news.

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    My office in general has the internet for downloading drivers and going to the different intranet sites for assisting customers. It's just that along with it, they gave us internet access. Every time we go to any page, we have to put in a user name and password to get pass the company firewall. For me personally, I really don't need it. I work 3rd shift over night and my manager said he wants me to be able to surf because he knows it can get slow or boring.

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    Yes at my office you get access to the Internet, because i have to answer to customer inquiries, access their servers remotely to support them. But on the other hand you could also use it when you've got nothing to do..:D. Its quite important for some offices to have it.

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    what kind of company or office doesn't have Internet access? that's the real question...

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    well at my workplace we have to have access to the internet to process claims for pharmacies, also, we have to be able to walk a person thru registering to our website and the such, so we need to be able to see the screens...and we need to have access to rx manufacturers websites, in case of emergency. and no, im not at work right now..i promise.

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    I have it to look up tax things. It's pretty neat though, I can surf however I want when not looking up tax related things.

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