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Can you give me the weakness of all the pokemon types?

i need help to defeat the elite in pokemon crater i guess the best way is to get the weakness. getting the weakness is my advantage of winning

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ok we start

    fire type~ weakness, water, rock and ground

    strong against~flying, ice,grass,bug,steel

    water type~weakness, electric,grass,

    strong against~fire, rock, ground,

    poison type~ weakness, psychic, ground

    strong against~grass

    ice type~ weakness, fire, fighting,

    strong against~ flying, grass, bug, rock, ground,dragon

    psychic type ~weakness, bug, dark and ghost

    strong against~ fighting,poison

    ghost type~weakness ghost, dark normal can't be harm

    strong against, ghost, psychic

    dragon type(my favourite)weakness~dragon and ice types

    strong against dragon

    steel type~weakness,fighting, ground,fire,immune to poison

    strong against, rock

    dark type~ weakness, fighting and bug

    strong against psychic,ghost

    bug type~weakness, fire,ice, flying

    strong against psychic,dark and grass

    normal type~weakness,fighting

    strong against ghost?

    flying type~weakness,rock,ice,electric

    strong against~fighting, grass,bug

    electric type~ weakness,ground

    strong against,flying,water

    ground type~weakness, water,grass

    strong against electric,poison

    rock type~weakness,grass,water,ground,fighting,steel

    strong against,flying,fire

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  • 1 decade ago

    first i and NOT even going to try to answer, there is just too much..........

    here is wat i do, fight the elet four but dont save so u no wat pokemon they have and wat pokemon do they use FIRST(tat is ever important) than when u get that beat the first guy, save, than do the save for the rest of the elet four

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