Who is familiar with me in this category?

Who of you have seen me around on Yahoo Answers and what do you think of me from the questions/answers I have asked/answered? Just curious to know:)


No Jake, I am not on an ego trip, I am simply trying to find out if there is anything about me that brings me across as a nasty person seeing as I try not to be, unlike other Yahoo Answers users such as yourself!

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  • Vango
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    1 decade ago
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    I think it's good to have the confidence to ask these questions when you are young, as you are, to learn more about oneself as others perceive one. I don't think it's an ego trip for someone in their early twenties (it will be if you were forty) and, although personally I don't feel the need to ask it, I salute your confidence.

    In general I appreciate you trying to paint a positive picture about our country, although, as you know, I didn't appreciate the "crime is what you make of it" remark. You did make up for it with good realism pointing out the madness of closing down successful police units. I'm just a scientist and tend to be more clinically realistic than optimistic when these 2 concepts are in conflict.

    Politically you definitely tend closer to Gunner and Malan than Brad and others.

    From your percentage of best answers it seems you are fairly intelligent and/or know how to play this game (of course there are ways to help this percentage grow oneself...). You also seem to have a lot of time to accumulate so many points in less than 3 months (a luxury I mostly don't have).

    I was surprised to run into your avatar in the zoology section (where I often answer). Diversity in interests is good.

    My guess is you haven't spent much time overseas yet. Doing this undoubtedly broadens one's perspective.

    Your avatar name sounds black but the picture is white. Not that it matters, of course, but it's an interesting choice of either the one or the other. What's with the hat?

    Good luck with working on that temper. I agree with Diesel that it's a noble new years resolution.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are you on an EGO trip today. I really dont think nobody cares who you are. I know I dont

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