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I need help with the certification thing?

ok i want to become a database developer and i have looked at the microsoft website and decided on a certification MCITP, to become an IT Database Developer, i have a degree in computer science, i have always been fascinated with databases. but then i enjoy working with MS ACCESS and have never worked with SQL SERVER

i need help finding learning materials, how much would it cost to go back to school for the certification, i am confused.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try looking in your local yellow pages, under computer training

    there are several places and numbers.

    Maybe one of them may help you, or try your local book store and also try the college book store.

    It will take alot of calling around and asking for what your looking for,it is better to call around then waisting gas,this way

    you'll find it sooner and who has the best prices so call several

    places and compare ,time is money and you'll want to save all

    you can. Good Luck Lydia R

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