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how to hint my bf?

we have been together for abt 8 months and he have not given me a single flower.. how to hint him? on my birthday he just treat me eat and on the christmas nothing (he don't celebrate so is alright) but when i give him present on the christmas he will try to find a gift for me while we shopping..i don't like it.

There is no surprise, what i want is a surprise which most woman wish for.

althought what i want most is him but i do want a little surprise too.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why don't you just have a sit down talk with him. Some men like me are just plain stupid. We don't take hints. We need to be hit with the frying pan and TOLD what to do! Please make it easy for us. Remember women are the smarter sex. :D

    At least in general :D


    Good luck!

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