i need help, my parents are going through a divore, and to much more.?

so many things are going on these days, of course war, but also my parents are going through a divorce and, well lonley christmas this year. my friends dad jut dad, my grandfather left, my father hagging out with this weird lady who i absolutley abhor, and yet he still makes me hang out with. i need help trying to do things that will keep my mind off of these things. any ideas? also, do you have any idea how to tell a dad that you really love that you hate hanging out with his supposed "friend"?


i just turned thirteen.ive told him this already, doesnt seem to work.thsnks for your answers, they really help. thx!

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    yes, i have been there and i feel for you. you need to start by telling your dad just what you said, that you love him alot and that you love your mother alot too. but that this is hard to see them apart now and you need time to get used to the idea of your dad having female "friends". hopefully he understands that you are just as hurt if not more so by the fact that your family is now seperated. let him know that you feel as though the situation was a little bit too much for you all at once, the divorce and the new "friend". tell him you want to still see him but that you need time to heal and time to be alone with him too. hopefully he takes into consideration your feelings instead of his own.

    to keep your mind off things, just write them down in a journal so you can feel as though your not ignoring your issues with your life, but that your working on them. then once you've written them down you can feel at ease because you mind is clear and you've gotten rid of all the thoughts in your head. when i feel stressed out i like taking a bath and getting some rest, also reading a good book or watchng your favorite movies might help.

    i hope all goes well for you, and your friend

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    Hi New, A divorce, can really break a family up. But you must remember, that they both love you,but they can no longer live together.Try to understand they way they are feeling. About your dad. Tell him you want to spend time with only him. Just tell him,you feel very uncomfortable sharing you together time with someone else. Your dad should understand the way you are feeling,and just keep your time for only you 2. Just tell him.A Friend. Merry Christmas. Things will get better.


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    You don't say how old you are.

    Remember you aren't between your parents. They are having huge problems. try to seperate yourself from their chaos.

    Also remember your parents used to be kids and they sometimes just do stupid things because then are human and they are definatly hurting.

    Try to not get involved in their crap. It is time for you to be an individual and remember that you need to grow up to stand on your own eventually.

    Get involved with things outside of your home, like volenteer to help the less fortunate. Get a part time job.

    Give your parents some boundries........Like tell them that you don't want to hear about their fights and that is between the two of them and they need NOT involve you.

    Do you have any family or friends you can stay with for a month or two while some of this natsyness passes.

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    First and foremost, the divorce is not your fault. Second, your dad should be mature enough not to put a child in the middle of it all. Third, he obviously cheated on you mother with this "friend" of his. I'm sure even she will not be around much longer. Keep your chin up, girlfriend. You won't be a kid forever. Someday you will be an adult, and he will be an old man. You will get to pick out which nursing home he has to go to!!

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    my [parents are separated too before. and my mom had this guy i absolutely dislike too. i had treated him badly and had sounded very very childish. the last thing that happened was that my mom sat down and chatted with me and i honestly told her i dislike the guy. what had happened was that she didn't see the guy afterwards. i love my mom for it.. :)

    maybe you could try a line somewhat like.."dad, do u love me...?" wait till he answers, of course he does... then tell him that you like to see him happy so you're trying to get to be close to that wierd lady (just say you're trying), but it doesn't seem to work..

    tell him she makes you really uncomfortable.. and you don't know what to do anymore. you could ask him to give you a solution of how you two can get along(its just to sound like you're good and wanting to really get along, he'll think you're mature about it). let him know too that you're not asking him to choose between the two of you.

    just tell him honestly that you don't like her. maybe he sees something good in her that's why he keeps seeing her. or maybe your dad just needs company. good luck!!

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    Just get some green stuff from your friends. You'll mellow out.

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    I too agree that god will help you.

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