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K Y asked in TravelAsia PacificChina · 1 decade ago

How to travel to Kunlun Mountains and Tibet?

Hi everybody, I've just found out that to travel independently to Tibet is impossible ( at the moment ), I was wondering if travelling to see the great Kunlun mountains is possible? I'm just a poor student who loved nature and and adventure ( plan to sneak in, yes. going to sneak in? No, I am still sane ).

Since the Qinghai - Tibet railways is up and going, I was wondering if I could "still" travel independently? If not, what can I do?

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    You might have to get a permit to go to Tibet which costs around 300 quid if you are not a Chinese native. But you might try to go to places lik Sichuan Province or Yunnan Province there might be some ppl offer a private tour to Tibet, thus you might not need to pay the permit thing.

    Source(s): knew it from American friends
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  • 1 decade ago

    The Kunlun mountain range (Simplified Chinese: 昆仑山; Traditional Chinese: 崑崙山; pinyin: Kūnlún Shān) is one of the longest mountain chains in Asia, extending more than 3,000 km.

    The Kunlun runs eastwards along the northern part of the Tibetan plateau to form the border range of northern Tibet. It stretches along the southern edge what is now called the Tarim Basin, the infamous Takla Makan or "sand-buried houses" desert, and the Gobi desert. A number of important rivers flow from it including the Karakash River ('Black Jade River') and the Yurungkash River ('White Jade River'), which flow through the Khotan Oasis into the Taklamakan Desert.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You should have no problem traveling ALONE to Tibet these days. Not sure what's current policy to control foreigner in other area by PRC. However, if these Gerry could bike from Chinese Turkestan (Xinjiang) to Tibet through old PLA entry route (, you should have no problem doing the same long as you have the same physical strength. You may do some research with Lonely Planet's publications (China, Tibet, etc.) (

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    3 years ago

    Shangrila is a county in Tibet, very like a county interior the U.S. the unique place spoke of as "Shangri-l. a." replaced right into a fictional united states of america in step with Tibet in a different. however, by using fact it replaced into so customary and individuals concept it somewhat existed, a county in Tibet replaced into named after the radical united states of america.

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