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Why most of the human made products are square or rectangle or round ???

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    flat surfaces for stability, round surfaces for safety.

    triangular ones have at least a sharp edge

    other polygons are harder to grip (when force is applied normally to a contact surface the projection of force to some other contact surfaces are not zero or directly normal)

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    it makes more common sense. basic shapes are anyway square/rectangle or round. wot other shapes do u expect?

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    They are easier to store and arrange. It's also easier to build something rectangular or circular than something with a different shape.

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    Shelf Space at the store.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Geometrical shapes are easier to biuld and easier to store

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    It is just easy to make them that way, and store them that way, not to mention, quite strong that way. It takes time, to make odd shapes and time is money.

    Source(s): I fabricate things, Square round, and odd shapes when I have to.
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    Humans can only handle so much geometry.

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    Because of the teacher..........

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