Okay!when you have children does it hurt?


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    Childbirth is different for every woman. I can only speak from my experience which is unique. I was dialated to 3 cm when my water broke. I went to the hospital and they started giving my pitosin (sp?) because I was not contracting. Then I got my epidural - glorious. I felt absolutely no pain. I was able to walk, stand and move the entire time. It was a great experience and I had been terrified of the pain. Not everyone's experience is the same. Don't be afraid to demand medicine to control your pain. No one has "natural open-heart surgery" or "natural root canals" We are blessed to live in a time that allows women to enjoy and participate in childbirth without pain. Good luck!

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    Dialating hurts a lot more than the actual delivery when you are pushing.. but that's just me. It really depends on how much pain you can take. Childbirth is one of the most excruciating pains I have ever had but it's well worth it. I made it without drugs too.. although I was begging for it but it was too late for drugs lol.. my son was coming too fast :0)

    Contractions are like cramps..times a million. So if you can't handle cramps then YES.. having children hurts. Not too mention.. a child is coming out of an opening that is as small as a dime. These aren't just regular cramps either because no position will be able to make them feel better or make you feel comfortable.

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    ppl are right about it being an individual thing and it's an unexplainable pain, but put it this way, when you go to the dentist it's painful and you come home with some pain, the same after a surgery, but after having a baby it's the most amazing thing you'll ever experience. you sweat, and push and contract for a while but that moment when you feel the body warming out of you and you get to see that teeny tiny little creature is the most amazing thing. it makes the whole vomiting etc of the pregnancy worth it. you get to hold a baby that belongs to you just for the Meir fact that you conceived it and you are giving birth to it, and no one can take that away from you!!!!

    good luck and don't worry about something that is going to happen regardless, once you're pregnant in the seventh and on there is only one way out so you might as well look forward to seeing those tiny toes and fingers. they are so Small... especially the baby toe!

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    u cant feel urself dialating until u get to like 5 or 6 something like that...then the pain really starts and yes it hurts!!!!

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    It depends on the female. It hurts some But some women dont even feel a thing!

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    Yes it does!

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    for me yes yes yes oh yes.

    i can't discribe the pain.

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    Look up "episiotomy".

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    For us men, only in the pocket..................

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