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Does Christianity teach Christians to make fun of other religions? and make cartoons of others prophets?


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    I believe the Bible says to go and love one another not make fun of one another.

    We are to love every person, but to hate sin.

    Real Christians would never make fun of others, that means they are judging and the Bible is very specific about what happens to you if you did that.

    Besides, If your heart is to love others, you do not care about their religion, you care about their hearts and souls.

    God loved EVERYONE enough to let His Son die on a cross for us all, He did not make fun of any of us, He just Loved us when none of us is even worthy.

    God Bless. Have Great Joy!


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    All religions must be able to take a little scorn as religion has caused the killing of over 100 million people in the name of God. Should we just pretend that it doesn't happen? This can no longer be hidden. The people are seeing the detrimental effects of religion competition and their not being able to agree on God. How many more lives must be lost because the religions can't agree on God?

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    Christianity don't teach that,but yes some Christians do it.People must be careful not to judge a religion by the actions of people who claim to be followers of that faith.For example.For a long period of time,I hated Israelis.When I became Muslim it was as if reality just punched me in the face.My eyes that were bolted shut were pried open to what is REALY going on in Iraq,Kashmir,Afghanistan,and Palestine.I did not shout death 2 the Christians or death 2 the Jews.Instaed I said."AgstaghfirAllah!InAllahu gafur-ul-Rahim.!that means.May God forgive me.For God isthe forgiving,the merciful.

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    No it does not teach making " fun" of other religions.. Some undereducated pastors who are fundamentalists draw narrow interpretations of Scripture ,however ,that are exclusionary. It was not religion that caused those cartoons to be drawn. In Christianity, the Golden Rule is: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Treat others as you would want to be treated.

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    In 1st Kings 18:22-27 Elijah did in fact make fun of a cult religion! Now, picture that for a moment! God laughs at them in Psalm 2...

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    It sure doesnt...but whats ur point? Most "christians" really dont believe anyways, they only believe when they are put into stressful situations but when things are going good they say screw it, they are not faithful. How do i know? B/c of most of my friends who say they believe in it but then go around doing things that would be considered "wrong", as far as religion goes, at a high rate. Its ridiculous. I think the cartoons of others prophets are funny and amusing and frankly could care less how they feel about it...

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    Absolutely not!!! It is your option to learn and understand other religions. If you choose to learn the differences in certain religions you should understand that their religion is just important to them as yours is to you. Making fun or picking on other religions is acceptable. I have been a Christian my entire life and I do not agree with poking fun at other beliefs.

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    I think we should be making more fun of all of the silly fictitious religious figures. Including, but not limited to, Jesus, Zeus, Muhamed, Yahweh, Moses, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, God, Allah, any saints, Thor, Thumbelina, and Ted Nugent. Good day.

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    Did Jesus or his Apostles stick to a faith spoke of as Christianity? Who have been the 1st 'Christians' ? Who based Christianity and do the training of Christianity conform to the training of Jesus? the training of Paul, the authentic founding father of Christianity, can't be stumbled on everywhere interior the training of Jesus or in those of prophets till now him.

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    NO they do not make fun of other religions. Any crazy person could be anwering you right now. Read your Bible so YOU know the answer and you don't have to get on the computer and ask these dumb questions.

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