How are long chinese noodles made?

I love the long noodles in Chinese chicken soup. How do they make

them so long without breaking? and a recipe for them would be great!

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    1 decade ago
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    I have seen one process of making Chinese noodles. They aren't just long, man. They are LOOOOONG!!!

    When they make the noodles, they're actually a lot longer than when you get them. They cut them several times before serving them. A batch of Chinese noodles made this way is actually ONE noodle made from POUNDS of dough.

    It's amazing.

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    Yep! I have seen it too. They start with a dough and lots of flours. Pretty fast it turns into loooong noodles. The process is amazing. And I heard it takes years to master the skills. Chefs who make those noodles are mostly from the North of China.

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    They are made by stretching and pulling... best description is like make pizza dough but by pulling and stretching into long length, then fold, pull...

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    I would just buy them in a package, and boil them in water. And maybe add ingredients in it.

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