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Something is Wrong with my Goldfish?!?

I just bought the him from the pet store, and he has not blinked since I purchased him. I even tried tapping on the tank to get him to blink. What can I do?

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    First, stop tapping on the glass. That is stressful for the goldfish. Put your ears in the bathwater and bang on the side of the tub and see if you like it. :(

    Second, goldfish have no eyelids, so they don't blink.

    If you have questions about proper care of your golfish, there are plenty of resources on the web.

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    Maybe he is a goldfish that doesnt blink

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Goldfish can't blink! They have no eyelids!

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    Lol! Are you joking?

    Somehow i think this is a joke question.

    Well goldfish dont have eyelids. Their eyes stay open all the time. Calm down.

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    1 decade ago

    My goldfish did that at first. It kept straining to see and would never blink.

    We got its eyes checked.

    My goldfish wears glasses not and has no more eye problems.


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    mm,is he ill ???

    perhaps some experienced person can explain this problem ,or you can ask that pet store employer or employee for some advice .

    Merry Christmas !!!

    And Merry Christmas to your Goldfish! Maybe Christ will help him tonight ,good luck to him !

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    First of all, they don't even have eyelids!!!!!! And it's actually really loud when you tap on the tank, it frightens them.

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    what the???? goldfish that dont blink? isnt that weird. maybe you bought male goldfish.

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    Many questions to consider: is the water compatible for him? Temperature? Oxegenation? How is he now?

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    you are just missing it he blinks when you blink

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