The wost year in your life ?

For me, 2006. I got separated, my 25 years hubby left, he had had a 5 years relationship, unknown to me. My daughter left home and me, she hates me now, don't know why, really, I was left totally alone and broken, even my parents and sis dumped me.

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    Wanna trade war stories?

    Well let's start with late Nov. 2005. My ex-wife called and needed a place to stay so my gf agreed and we let her have the couch. In Dec I had the worst b-day on record. My 30th was spent at home with my first wife and my, then, ex-gf. A week later the three of us rented a house together because the ex-gf's mother evicted us from the apartments we lived in(apt mgr). In Jan of 06 I had to send my ex-wife packing for stealing money from the rent fund. In late April my on again off again gf slept with my best friends step son( they were about the same age). So I sent her packing which left me alone with my two boys. So I had the ex-wife come back for May until I could turn the kids back over to their mother(I thought they should finish the school year. In July my granny died(she was old. It was her time...) four days later a kid broke in and stole my smoke(main source of income at the time) In August I moved out from the house to my mom's(never recovered from the break in. And now have spent the remainder of the year online and drunk solving the world's problems, one answer at a time. This Dec I spent my 31st with my mother(and I thought being with the ex-wife and ex-gf was bad) Now I am spending Christmas day trading war stories with you. And drunk again ofcourse.

    Merry freaking Christmas!!!

    Oh, I forgot to mention. I got my first misdemeanor warrant issued this year too. In November. For non-support on the kids(until death do us part...with your bank account, eh?) Good news is it won't be a felony until late January.

    I also noticed my first grey hair around Feb of '06. Damn, it just keeps getting better the more I drink... Cheers

    And in March I broke a rib(smoker's cough). First broken bone ever. And that one sucks

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    oh, mine 2006 was probably one of the worst years. I've lost an opportunity to get a wonderful job, then lost an opportunity to get another job of my dream, then another one, then i was succesful, but not through all the way of recruitment, then i was all in doubts and then i finally was sucessful to get high points during the recruitment process, but this firm has stoped it, as it had enough of staff already. In total, there was about 6 places i lost, because of various circumstances. Then i got the job over which i felt more and more depressed, day by day, but couldn't come back to the places where i really wanted to be.

    Amazing, but being in the place i never wanted to be in and despited i felt so bad about it, this work suddenly made one of my dreams come true - they have sent me to work abroad for almost 2 month. When i look upon this year now, i realize how emotionally difficult it was for me, but something good has happend at the end. This has taught me to look at what is going on from the future point of view. Your next boyfriend or husband you can meet tomorrow (you never know, stop counting your chances), your daughter will eventually be close to you again (at least emotionally) and don't you worry about parents, most people have periods of problems with them.

    Do something now, just for yourself.

    The very best of luck.

  • 4 years ago

    nicely this is gloomy to know approximately what befell to you in this 12 months, no longer something can console you at the instant, this is barely time which will heal your wounds. i will wish in straightforward terms for you that the arrival years of your existence must be the main surprising, joyous, and properse in all aspects of lie (socialy, kin count, economically, in my opinion, in all manners). constantly remember on a daily basis is a clean day, so residing in previous wont provide you any fruit yet working and making plans for an more advantageous destiny will take you bigger, constantly attempt to be busy in one way or different, this is the terrific medicine on the time of disaster, if your techniques, your physique stay busy then you certainly will certainly have the skill to forget approximately the bitter reports of previous interior the shortest volume of time. and don't loose wish in any respect ok! such incidents are basically the annoying situations from existence, i like to cite. "Adversity motives some adult adult males / women persons to break and others to break records. so wait and see and save praying God for the terrific and save your spirit intense and hopefuly a beacutiful existence would be there for you.

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    Sorry to hear your story and I want you to start over again. Life is up and down. You are healthy to be able to express and tell about your sad story. I am 100% sure you will bounce back at no time to go ahead. Fresh up in the morning and go to work with your joy and do not look back and keep tell yourself about a good start that need to think ahead and have Good plan for your life. It is about time to be on your own. Look for a new friend, adopt new parents, and volunteer for children in school and keep yourself busy. Life is short and I urge you to enjoy it by yourself. I am sure if you are nice you will find someone who will appreciate you at no time. Good luck and Merry Christmas and Happy New You 2007.

    Source(s): My life and Common Sense.
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    When I’m all alone I cry

    No one knows the reason why

    Sometimes I don’t care to share

    And sometimes they don’t really care

    “But, Why?” I say. I’m just like you

    I need a friend to hear me too

    I know sometimes you think its dumb

    I know you laff at me for fun

    But someday you will need me too

    And maybe I’ll be there for you

    Or maybe I’ll just laff out loud

    So I can fit into the crowd

    Is that how you think it should go?

    Are you that independent bro?

    We need eachother everyday

    Let’s find a little better way

    I love you man, I really do

    Be there for me I’ll be there too

    12-21-2006 bdh

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    1 decade ago

    The wost year in my life was 1995.

    That year I got married for the first time. Which ended in1998.

    I re-married in 2000.

    I having evry year as best year since than.

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    Sounds like an amazing opportunity to see who you are without these losers! Yes, You love your daughter, and IT is her with the problems. Abandonment hurts, but let her go and discover who she is alone without you.

    Do the Forum and three day intensive offered by The Landmark Education Corp. Look them up. They have fre intros, and its not a cult: It IS great education for suyccessivful living.

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    1 decade ago

    well i would have to say my worst year would of been 1991 started out great i had a son on valentines day and he pasted away from sids the first of june the same year.never does it get better. just still keep taking 1 day at a time

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    1 decade ago

    Aww I'm sorry to hear about it, I have to say 2006 goes up there with me too becuase i'm getting kicked out of my uni.

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    God has blessed me with good years, so I really try not to have any bad days, cuz they make me grow grey hairs, and that takes away from my sex appeal. Sorry to hear about that though...

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