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42" DLP 1080p HDTv availibility in India?

Could anyone suggest me good brand products along with their price with DLP technology as they are the prefered once for gaming @ prices below Rs 135000... Moreover are there available DLP TV models in India... They should have HDMI for HD playback... Please suggest...

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    hey man wuusup i live in the U.S also an indian iwould tell u that dont buy a DLP... they have a bad reputation here buy a LCD HDTV it is going to last u way more then that DLP... about u r HDTV thing... if u have money u can have anything u want where u are u need a HDTV well india probably does but u just need the money to buy it.. hope i helped... Another thing LCD is the best for gaming trust me.. last one yes they should have atleast 2 HDMI inputs atleast...

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    We do not have DLP technology in india. But we have LCD projection TV which is called grand wega and which is pretty close to the DLP technology. So try that, it is HD playback and has HDMI. Good luck. Happy playing.

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    The XBox 360 Elite, yet no longer the older XBox 360, psthree, Blu-Ray, and HD-DVDs can all deliver a 1080p sign. even regardless of the indisputable fact that, some AVRs, like Onkyo's NR905 and SR875, can upscale all video indicators to 1080p. i'm unsure of the purposes of different new AVRs, i'm able to easily communicate of the Onkyo products when you consider that I very own certainly one of their NR905 fashions. i understand Denon has a sparkling form that definitely makes use of the HQV Realta processor, yet that's an particularly high priced receiver. i understand on my Onkyo, i'm able to even take a 480i cable sign and upconvert it to a 1080p sign. even regardless of the indisputable fact that, do no longer assume which you would be able to take an analog sign, like a 480i sign, upconvert to 1080p and characteristic a hi-def photograph...can't take place. the photograph will definitely advance, even regardless of the indisputable fact that it can't be everywhere close to as stable as a community 720p or 1080i sign. I even have Direct television with their HD kit, and their non-HD channels are broadcast in 480p, on the same time as HD is 720p or 1080i. Upconverting the 480p sign to 1080p during the Onkyo improves the photograph noticebly, even regardless of the indisputable fact that it particularly is nevertheless no longer as stable because of the fact the community HD publicizes. you apart from mght would desire to respond to the question of no count if or no longer you even definitely need 1080p. most of the recent HD tvs are 1080p instruments, yet realistically, if your video exhibit length is something below fifty two inches, you in all risk won't be conscious a distinction till you're status approximately 2 ft away. The decision you opt on is desperate through video exhibit length and your viewing distance to the set. 1080p is maximum important on great instruments, say fifty 8 inches or extra constructive, yet even then you particularly're unlikely to be conscious lots of a distinction. I actually have a fifty 8 inch plasma and my viewing distance is 12 ft and that i won't be able to truly tell lots distinction between 1080p and 1080i or 720p.

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