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why males in animals and birds look better than females and why females in humans more attractive than males?


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    in Humanes Females are not more attractive it's just a male thing that makes you belive that woman are more attractive but the truth they are not :o)

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    As far as humans are concerned, it just so happens that our society today involves women wearing both:

    a) more revealing/sexually provocative clothing, and


    If women wore baggy clothes and no make-up at all, maybe they wouldn't seem more attractive than males?!

    On the other hand, in the animal kingdom it is usually the males who "look better". They are usually more attractive and colorful, while the females are plain and "drab" (and for very good reason).

    The males are usually trying to get the attention of the females, some even do a dance... others sing... The female often picks the one with the best __?__ , which will pass on those good genes to their offspring. Those with unfavorable traits mate less, and so those traits get "weeded out" of the gene pool.

    The females can be picky because they have a lot more "invested" in the whole process than the males do. They have a limited number of eggs to use to reproduce in their lifetimes, whereas the males produce more than enough... The females also (in most cases) will be the ones who will be carrying the offspring, and giving birth. Both take a toll on her body, and will leave her/her newborns vulnerable. If she was attractive and flashy, she would be an easy target... By blending in, she and her offspring have a chance to breed again.

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    In the animal world the males have to look good to get a females attention.

    As far as females being more attractive, well Id guess you're a guy. Theres your answer.

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    I have often asked myself this question! Yes, it is indeed true that in the animal kingdom it is the male who's more flamboyantly garbed compared to its female counterpart. Look at the male peacock against the peahen, the more colorful rooster against the dull-colored hen, the maned lion against the headdress-less lioness, the majestic antlers of the moose bull against the plain head of the moose cow, the long and graceful swathes of tail fin of the male fighting fish against its female partner, the showy and enlarged front claw of the male fiddler crab against the simple and small claws of its female counterpart, and so on and so forth.....why, in the animal world, are the males more fabulous-looking than the females? But, in the world of humans, the tables are turned?

    We, humans, tend to dress our women in more imaginative clothing, while men dress up in almost the same monotonous silhouettes (look at the Oscars events, for example, the men wear the same old and uniform-like black tie and tux!).

    And.....did I answer your question?

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    Well.. I beg to differ.. there are some species of females in the animal kingdom (believe it or not) that appear to be bigger and more showy than the males.. same goes for humanity.. women are praised for their aesthetic value.. They have to be the ones that attract males.. because.. well.. they're the only sex that doesn't love with their eyes, I guess. It's not everyday you walk down the street and get to gawk at pretty men.. It's pretty rare. Men were born to be more utilitarian.

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    In nature the male attracts the mate, they need to be bright and colorful. Humans work entirely differently. Ours is a mutual attraction, and I would argue that to girls, guys are the more attractive gender. So this makes sense.

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    It's strange, isn't it? My guess is that most human females are complete idiots and need to look beautiful in order to get a mate, having no other characteristics that would lend themselves to attracting the attention of one. Or, conversely, human males are complete idiots and rely solely on appearances in the choosing of their mates. I think the second theory sounds better.

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    human females have a beautiful butt and males are groomed in the animal kingdom and have to look a certain way

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    cos of civilization we left the animal kingdom long ago

    but if you look at the human body muscles

    the man still have the best looking body full of muscles

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    What? Is this a trick question?

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