How old were you when you learned to read? How old were you when you became a proficient speller?

I was 1 year, 3 months when I first memorized books, and 2 when I was able to pick up new material, read and comprehend the material, and make intelligent opinions about such material. Is this normal? When did you learn to do the things above? When did you start reading "Adult" books( I don't mean porn, but books deemed adult material)? I was 5. Once again, how abnormal is this?


I am through Calculus, I am not lopsided in intellect. I am however not an amazing athlete, though I am still a team MVP for soccer. I was called a geography prodigy( I am definately not a prodigy because I have not dedicated enough time to one subject) because I memorized all the countries, states and capitals of all the countries and states at age 2.

Update 2:

When I say adult books, I mean Business, Cosmology, physics, etc.

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    Abnormal? I don't think so! Intelligent? Diffently! I was able to memorize stories about the same age as you. I learned to read childrens books at the between the ages of two and three. I knew how to spell small words at the same time I started reading. By the time I was in second grade I was able to spell almost any word. The one thing that I could never do (and still to this day have a problem with) is: writing run on sentences and knowing when to end or begin a new paragraph. I will say I have been able to do math since I was four years old. How old were you when you could add, subtract, multiply, and divide?

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    OK ...Hi!

    I always could read and was always a perfectly decent speller ... the reading activity came about first grade and the spelling was no problem. It seems to have been part of my original "software," for want of another word.

    What was and still is a problem is the ability or even the interest in comprehending material. I find that I am not interested in fiction of any sort, except perhaps things like the children's stories Ludwig Bemelmans (who wrote "Castle No. 9" and "Madeleine" and "Madeleine in Paris" ... ) Reading children's books is a development of my adulthood.

    When I was about nine, I read about Joan of Arc. That was an "adult book" and I definitely did not like it. Adults have such strange interests!

    My brother read very early. I don't see you as abnormal. Unusual yes, but abnormal no.


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    I don't remember exactly when I learned to read but definitely later than you! It was before I went to kindergarten at 5, because when I was there, I could already read and my classmates were learning how. I tried reading some adult materials at about 7 or 8, but my mother wouldn't let me keep reading them. Once I was about 11 or 12, my mother couldn't stop me from reading what I wanted! It's not abnormal to develop skills that early, just a little before almost all of your peers.

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    I was 7 when I started school and had remedial teaching for reading. I think it was about 6 months later that the "breakthrough" occurred and I could read simple books. I was about ten when I read things like "Treasure Island" and could spell. Probably 11 or 12 for Dickens and Tolkien. So you were a fast study!!

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    I think it's very unusual. I was age 5 when I learned to read, probably 9 before I was a proficient speller, and read 'adult' books from about 11. Sometimes children show advancement beyond their years in one area, but are often behind in other areas, e.g. Mathematics.

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    i could study on my own via the time i became 3. i all started examining novels basically till now my 8th birthday. i'm uncertain when I found out to spell, nonetheless i do no longer remember ever no longer with the flexibility to attain this. you at the instant are not ordinary, basically stepped forward. infants whose mothers and dads instruct them can oftentimes study via 3 or 4. maximum teenagers whose mothers and dads do no longer instruct them study to study whilst they're 5 - 6. maximum teenagers start up examining "grownup" novels sometime between twelve and sixteen. oftentimes, the faster one learns to study, and the greater often one reads properly-written textile, the greater effective speller he would be. some human beings do have getting to grasp disabilities which stop them from ever starting to be to be sturdy spellers, and the individuals who've found out via the entire-language technique oftentimes spell greater effective than those taught completely via phonics.

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    Ok so you were very well endowed in that area of learning. It is not abnormal, like "What are we going to do about that???" Focusing on your spelling, do you think that was memorization? We seem to have lots of people who are weak in that area. I did well in that area, but if it is memorization that did it, I did not memorize anything else!

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    ok first of all OMG your joking!!right?!thtz amazing!i didn start until kindergarten.spelling in preschool.if u consider that a grade.but that is really impressive.keep up the awesome work.i need 2 hav a brain like that!!I make straight A's but I don't think I'm that smart.Cool

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    i was in the first grade when i learn to read basic words. until now, i am not so keen on spelling but i continue reading and using the dictionary.

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