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what was the past of nomadic pastoralists?

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    nomadic peoples are what you might call 'people who travel from place to place in order to find or follow food, and have either mobile or semi-mobile shelter. pastoralist nomads are nomads that herd domesticated animals: sheep, yaks, cows, whatever. there are even agro-pastoralists: people who live a combination of sedentary agricultural-based lives AND nomadic pastor-based lives. hunter-gatherers are sometimes nomadic but are not typically pastoralists. they might hunt wild animals and gather other food stuffs, moving with the seasons and/or general availability. through agriculture and domestication, however, hunter-gatherer lifestyle is slowly morphing into more sedentary agriculte and domestication-based life.

    nomads often don't have specific land-rights in the legal sense, but may have long and widely known and respected, though sometimes flexible for sure, areas for herding andliving in crtail vallies, ranges, areas.

    there are some theories that human burial practice developed in order to claim ownership and ties to specific land rights, since ancestors had been buried there. some nomads, however, who don't stereotypically OWN land because of their mobility, often have other forms of burial practice.

    i could go on and on, but i hope this helps!

    Source(s): i'm an anthropology graduate student and i've spent 3 years working with nomads and agro-pastoralists in Tibet.
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    Virtually unknown

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