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I have a digital Minolta Konica dimage Z2. What setting do I need to get good pictures of Christmas lights?

I tried the automatic setting and a few different exposure mode settings but all the lights are to bright and fuzzy in the picture.

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  • cehelp
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    1 decade ago
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    A major help for this type of photography is to use a tripod. that should reduce fuzziness at least. Try croppping the image a bit by zooming to an interesting part of a few lights. That sometimes helps.

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  • daum
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    3 years ago

    No it is not an SLR - that's a factor and shoot. There numerous adjustments between SLR and P&S. the main distinction is high quality of imagery because of the fact on an SLR the sensor is larger and arranged to take up extra documents from the sunshine source coming in. additionally the processing of documents till now storage is diverse and lots extra constructive than any P&S. third, there is the actual adjustments. In a P&S the shutter opens with an very very nearly silent "click". On an SLR there's a "cha-kunk" sound. that's because of the fact area of the view finder gadget is a reflect that facilitates the photographer to make certain the image precisely as that's particularly than on a video exhibit. So, once you launch the shutter the reflect strikes up out of how allowing easy to prevail in the open shutter and the sensor. That view finding capacity with a reflect has been popular SLR kit when you consider that those cameras have been first developed capturing 35mm action picture.

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