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Do you believe in love?

Do you believe in love? Not attraction, crash and etc, but real love


I had a lot of crashes and something like love,.... but I don’t thing I loved or experienced a real love.

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    Maybe for some people, but definitely not for me. I have no patience, time, or desire for real love. I have too much on my plate already, and none of it can wait for a man.

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    first of all i think that you dont know what love is...

    let me explaın that to you:

    it is : passion, attraction, need, romantism, problems, the meaning of life,kissing,having sex,doing things normally you wouldnt do, thinking about the other person at most awkward timepoints, and so on... and a crash is love too.. its maybe just the beginning.. we never know.

    no no im wrong.. the thing is my dear friend there is no perfect explanation for LOVE ! because it has different meanings for each person... and REAL love is just a wordgame... so i could come up with REALEST LOVE .. than love would have more levels...

    so : i love my girlfriend... but if ı had to wouldnt kill my mother to be with my girlfriend forever.. u get it? for some people the word love would mean to do anything for the one you love...

    so my dear.. your question doesn't have an answer... oooorr

    has LOOOOTS of answers..

    tnx for reading the answer BATU

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    YES! But not in the whole love at first sight way. I believe to love someone is to accept their weaknesses and faults along with their strengths.

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    Yes I love love.

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    Yes... but not quite sure..this is my first love and I don't know about our future. Honestly, I can't imagine being without him, but if that ever happens, I think I'm strong enough to get over it

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    Do you believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

    Same level of realism.


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  • Yes.

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    Not really...I found myself constantly hurt in relationships but eventually I could very well rediscover "real love."

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