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Doo.ri asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

Does everything gets boring or at least slightly less interesting after some time? ex. career, marriage?

ex. the song is so good, after you learn the lyric and memorized it, and you sing perfectly, the song is not that good to hear anymore.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In C.S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity," he notes the distinction between a boy who first rides in a plan to a fighter pilot, and that while the two both love flying, one is an initial excitement of something new, and one is a quieter, more committed kind of love.

    I think one thing lacking in Americans is that sense of commitment, which is supposed to take over after the initial excitement wears off. While this wouldn't matter for things like songs, for career, marriage, etc., it matters a great deal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Of course it does.

    But specifically speaking to Careers, the biggest reason people stay is because they are challenged on a daily basis and go home with a feeling of accomplishment. Don't let the old and especially incorrect belief fool you:

    "I would stay/work harder if only they paid me more"

    Bad workers are deluded by this belief. When you start a job, within 1 month you are already working as hard or as easy as you would in that job. And getting double the paycheck won't affect your work ethic. That's a myth. The best thing to do is consistently give yourself a gut check and ask whether you are adequately challenged. If the answer is no, make your own efforts to take on challenging things and see to it that management is supportive of your effort. If management is not supportive and you feel stagnant, then it's time to move on.

    Regarding relationships, it's a matter of finding someone you can communicate with both on a verbal and non-verbal manner. That's the essence of soulmates. Though there will be dryer and slower times for any relationship, being with the one person who keeps your interest in conversations is the best thing you could possibly have. Forget looks, sex, traveling, etc...if you can find someone you can communicate with (AND ESPECIALLY SOMEONE WHO CAN MAKE YOU LAUGH) that is the person you should be with.

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  • 1 decade ago


    It is a Gestalt Psychology principle that if you focus on something too long it will get blurry.

    Married people can get so dependent on each other that if one dies the other dies shortly thereafter. I'm not putting that down. It's just a fact.

    To be really healthy married people should have vacations from each other to regroup and get perspective and maintain their individuality.

    Marriage: So many marriages fail. I married a wife/mother. So dependent for the symbol that gives me feelings of security and OKness. I had to grow into being more independent before I was ready for a relationship.

    Celibacy for a week.

    Fasting once in a while.

    Having a variety of friends and interests.

    Jeez, I think all sex is kinky. People mostly don't do it to reproduce. There are other energies involved. People can get addicted to the psychedelic effect of sex hormones. Then it has to get progressively bizarre.

    Career: Find new ways of doing things. Take a different route to work. Rearrange your desk. Try to makes things fun or even get silly. Exaggerate your disappointments: Oh! Woe is me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Imagine your co-workers naked.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes, your brain gets used to the sensation and the natural highes (releasing of Serotoin) doesn't feel as good.

    the way to combat this is to spice things up once in a while or to take a break- yes absence does make the heart (and brain) grow founder.

    now taking a break isn't good for a marriage, but is for a song you like.

    setting up activities away from your partner is helpful. as far as spicing it up goes, set up time alone with your partner- but not at home. the change of scenary will make things better as far as those natural highes and consiontration goes. the time out doesn't have to be expensive, it jsut has to be you two away from home and your regular settings.

    career is a bit harder to change up. depending on what you do you could try and move to a new department or office. I'd really have to know what you do to give advice on this one.

    the three things to choose from to fix this are (and yes you can use more than one):

    1- take a break, create distance

    2-spice things up, try something new

    3-think about how you'd feel laking this now-boring thing, it may lead you to appreciate it more

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  • 1 decade ago

    It seems that way doesn't it?

    When something is new, it's exciting ... it touches our senses and we are drawn to it.

    Once it becomes 'comfortable' we don't feel the same excitement anymore, do we?

    But as you get older I think you will find security in 'the comfortable' ... and if you feel it is boring, you have to look inside yourself to find ways to grow (ie learning is exciting cause it expands us and gives us a better perspective on the world and introduces us to new and different things.)

    I think people who constantly look for excitement in all aspects of their lives are bound to become unhappy and frustrated. This may lead to drinking or drug taking and is not very productive at all..

    You can't expect the outside world to get you interested or excited all the time ... you need to examine what your passion is and focus on that ... because that passion will always give you a sense of excitement about your life! A fulfilling purpose,

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't need your points that's for the start...

    And yes i do get bored if i listen to a song like hundred times though at start a fall in love with the same song. Its our life if you don't change the environment your brains are to clever to be fooled by the same thing over and over

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Yes, it's called desensitization. It's a normal human reaction and animals too for that matter. It all has to do with the cells and chemicals in our brain that deal with pleasure. After a while it takes more and more of this chemical to create pleasure from a certain stimulus, song, job, drug, person, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Regarding relationships,there's a million ways to keep things interesting,without smothering the person.Besides the cards,flowers,dinners,the usual I love yous.

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  • siaosi
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    You get out what you put in,as long as you are aware that everything and everyone is gradually changing through meeting new people,new ideas and ageing and your willing to change accordingly,theres no time to be bored.Life becomes very interesting.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ya! u r correct

    excess of doing anything will make you feel bore either it's dancing or singing, playing or sleeping

    __ if you had watched a movie many times you'll feel bore seeing it again............. same happens with any of episode, game, song or anything else

    I can't say about marriage cause I'm still 11yrs old


    there's a thing, doing which i never gets bore that is Internet

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