Why are there two places named Newburgh in N.Y.?

I didn't know that until yesterday when I was on Wikipedia. Why is there a town and a city called Newburgh like right next to each other? That is so confusing!

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    New York state has some odd distinctions between Cities and Towns - Ther can be a city and a town which share the same name but are legally separate municipalities. Newburgh falls into this category, but it is not the only one - There is a city of Poughkeepsie and a Town of Pouchkeepsie, and a City of Kingston and a Town of Kingston. And there are probably more like that.

  • Topez
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    They must have had a big town party and the decision makers got smashed and started fighting over the name for their town - so both decided to name their town Newburgh!

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    The state of NY still functions with the original laws of city and town and also village so you will often find more than one location with the samename, in order to seperate they assign different postal codes to distinguish though most fall under the city then town then village. for instance as here in massachusettes boston is divided into numerous areas i.e. newtow , cambridge, allston, ect. but it's all boston they just eliminated the township and village holdings of the city.

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