what maximum volt rechargeable DC battery is available in the market and where I can buy.?

I saw 300V DC battery in Hybrid car. Does these battery rechargable through alternator ? please provide more information.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All batteries, regardless of size are DC (Direct Current) devices.

    Batteries can be almost any size depending on how they are built. A simple flashlight battery can be 1.5 Vots DC, to mini wrist watch batteries which can be 4.5 Volts or 9 Volts. Car batteries are generally 12 Volt batteries, (really 6 linked, two volt battery cells arranged in a series.) Many truck batteries and military vehicles use 24 Volt battery systems. Hybrid car batteries are very large and very heavy, but usually are smaller special batteries ganged together in series to make the higher overall voltage. Battery charging devices need to be able to force a current thru the battery with use of an alternator or (DC) generator with about 15% higher charge voltage than the battery voltage rating. A 12 volt lead-acid car battery (six 2 volt cells) needs to be charged by a 14.2 Volt alternator or 14.2 Volt DC generator.

    Source(s): CA licensed smog inspector.
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    I'm assuming this is not for an automotive application. You can make as much DC voltage as you want by adding 12-volt car batteries in series. Just keep buying them till you have what you want. Buying 100 and wiring them in series till give you 1200 volts (until they run out of charge).

    That hybrid 300 volt battery pack is several lower voltage batteries in series. Ditto for backup computer power supplies: 10 batteries, 12 volts each, make for 120 volts DC.

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