after a hard day at work, how do i keep myself in a calm state in order not to get frustrated with my very?

active four year old? it's the whinning and little things that get me frustrated, and once i get upset at her i feel so guilty that it gets me even more frustrated and it's not possible to think rationally when your frustrated.

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    Take a step back and look at the situation at hand. I tend to get that way to with my child and she still whines about stuff. I try and explain to her that mommy is tired and that she needs a few minutes to cool off. If your child wants to know how long a few minutes is then tell her "when the long hand on that particular clock is on whatever number " it helped me out allot. Also, my husband would take her off my hands for a little while when he got home. Another thing I started doing was telling her that this area was a "no cry zone" and that if she had a problem after she stopped whining I would helper as best I could.

    So, just smile, remember your not at work, your child is not an adult, he/she thinks the world of you, and that every second of the day you aren't with him/her they want to make up for.

    Mother is god in the eyes of a child.

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    Oh wow that must be tough. That's why I'm not having kids until i can afford some serious luxuries in life. If the kid is four you could try a day care service. Not sure when u get home or if dad is around to help out. Sounds like you need a support system in your life to help take care of your baby with you. I feel for you.

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    Spend a little time playing with her and her toys. She probably wants your attention after not seeing you all day. If you play with her for a while she's more likely to continue playing by herself when you get up to do the things you need to do. Just plan on giving her the first 15 to 20 minutes everyday when you get home.

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    When I come home tired and stressed the first thing I do is pick up my daughter and give her a big hug, all along telling her that I love her and that I missed her and that she is my big girl. Then we go in the kitchen and get our snack and drink. I know she likes to mimic me. So we eat and drink together. After that is done, I then take her into the living room and turn on some soothing R&B. Then I go sit on the couch and prop up my feet. My daughter is kept in my arms and usually will fall straight to sleep on my chest. I made this a routine. I hope you can incorporate a similiar routine for calming your own precious child.

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    She is four so you should talk to her, tell her you had a hard day and need some peace, then ignore the whining and the little things, she will get the clue even if you have to tell her every day when you come home, okay now its quiet time, she will get it :)

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    It's not easy to be calm when your child is whining but he/she needs your attention too.While you feel angry,just be like "Sweety,I'm tired of work and I need your help.I'll go to my rom,to have some rest and meanwhile you can play or watch television.You decide.When I feel better,I'll come to you",said in a calm way.After that just leave the room and go to yours.Lie o the bed and for a minute try not to imagine anything.Just empty your mind.Than,when you go back and your child misbehaves,count to 10 before reacting any way to his/her behavior.

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    just take a deep breath everytime u get frustrated and count well thats what i do at least it works for me i have a 3 year old and a 10 month old it works for me

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    try the counting game. when ever she start to wine just start to count. either she will join in or at least it will distract her. also it will calm you down. it works for me. im a mom of a active two and three year old with another baby on the way. we love the counting game works everytime.

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    When you feel yourself starting to get frustrated, think to yourself that your child is worth the effort of being kind and calm.

  • BREATH In out...deep breaths 5 to 10 times when you feel it coming on

    MEDITATE take a few mins for yourself

    HOT BATH relax, soak, sigh

    RELAXING MUSIC soft in the background to remind you

    WRITE IT DOWN journal your frustrations out on paper

    HUM, SING something thats feels good

    POST IT write up a little sign(s) to remind yourself to relax

    READ for yourself to relax..and also with her to relax together cuddled up on the couch

    and ask her to talk, not whine...give her what she wants after she asks without whining ask her to relax too

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