I've witnessed a creepy-chilling experience, which is still a mystery from a science perspective...?

Do u believe in ghost spirit? Well I didn't until I went my friend house. My friend & his roomates rented a 3bed house, the reason they rent this house cuz it's cheap (only $1000/mo)& in perfect condition compare to a current economy in CA. They've been informed by landlord dat the house had a murder crime record in the past decades & 3 peo were brutally murdered in dis house; dis probably the reason dat it's been vacanted for a long time. The landlord was about to demolish dis house until they moved in. He told dat his room mates were scared & 1 of them have moved. They told me dat they hear a massive voice of a woman crying @ midnight & a lurking shaddow fly acrossing the hallway& a rattling noice in the kitchen. At 1st, I didn't believe him, den I crashed at his place 1 night. Now, if da stove or a candle goes off by itself, u probably blame the wind, but not vice versa. I saw from my own eyes dat ceiling fan turns on by itself & a transparent white shadow of a woman appear.


dis transparent white shadow of a woman kept appeared & disappeared. A sobbing voice of a child & a woman kept echoing during da night. Stove turned on by itself, which against the law of physic & it already turned off when everyone gone to sleep. The weird part da ghost shadow was undetected by the spy camera dat's been set up by my friend. WHAT SCARE ME THE MOST IS NOT THE IDEA OF GHOST ITSELF, BUT OF WHAT IT CAN PHYSICALLY DO WHEN EVERYONE ASLEEP SUCH AS MOBILIZE KITCHEN WARES, TURN ON THE STOVE & CEILING FAN & CANDLE. IF IT CAN DO ALL OF THESE , THIS MEANS IT PROBABLY ENABLE TO PHYSICALLY HARM PEOPLE. So I told my friend dat he should move out of dat house as soon as possible. Can u imagine it, when u sleep at night, what if it stap u with a knife. Scary huh, I don't know why my friend still live there anyway. To me it's not worthy it. Let's me know of what u think.

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    Science can't help you. Science is very powerful. But science deals only with matter, energy, space and time. What if there's more than just that? What if ghosts are not part of or beyond matter, energy, space and time? You've left the realm of science at that point.

    My answer to this is so screwed up. But if you can find one of the people I'm going to mention, they can do it. You'll almost certaintly end up on their mailing list and you'll get about 10 annoying peices of mail a week and maybe some phone calls but if you gots some ghosts and you wants them to leave, don't call a priest, don't call a spiritual man, don't call a ghostbuster, don't call a rabbi, don't call a ghost hunter or anyone else who works with this sort of thing...call a Scientologist and specifically ask for an "upper OT" to come and take care of it. That's right, you read it correctly, get one of those crazy people to do it.

    Chances are you won't succeed in convincing them to do it but they are the only people who know what ghosts actually are and how to handle them. What makes someone an expert? Someone who gets results - and that's all there is to it. No one else but these guys, and to be fair the occassional person with natural psychic abilities, can do it. I know, I know, this sounds absurd.

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    Love the story and it happened to my parents before when they lived in San Francisco. 3 person were dead in this home and no one told my parents and everytime I went to visit them I felt very creepy but nothing happened to me or my husband.My parents did not want to tell anyone and the 3 ghosts really haunted my parents and finally after they moved I was told the whole story. It is too bad that I could not do anything for you or my parents. I advice you to contact the Thai monk to throw the water to bless the evil s and ask them to leave the home. I live in U.S. long time and I still believe it can be fixed only the Thai monk. Thank you for telling me and do not get angry if someone do not believe you.

    Source(s): My life and Common Sense.
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    I was at a park with my bf. All of a sudden these two young guys and a chick came around the corner, we were holding hands, they started chasing my bf but he managed to get away. I ran after him, and we crossed the road, the two guys were hiding in a bush, so we went to the closest house across the road where this guy was out the front. We told him what happend and he called the police for us. We were both **** scared. And we got a ride in the back of the divy van LOL.

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    That's creepy. If I heard a woman crying I think I'd run out of the house and keep running!

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    i believe in ghosts and all that. thanks for sharing this story

    on a talk show i was watching, they caught this footage on a surveillance camera. a women got into a car wreck earlier that day and died. her car was in an impound lot and the ghost of her was there looking for her car and jumping from roof to roof on top of the other cars.

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    I actually do believe in ghosts, indeed I do. For I've witnessed a few encounters....esp. late late night.

    IN bed I felt a presence...and odd sounds in the bedroom...fell back asleep only to feel that ghostly apparition banging the hell outa me. He let him have his way with me.

    But there's no evidence, it's not like I can have him arrested

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    I'm not sure I believe in ghosts but if you think it's real then hey maybe your right.

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    I believe if you haven't harmed anyone in your life then nothing of that sort is gonna happen to you.

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    I think its Satan but im a studying JW. Maybe you r spiritually weak...

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    u've been hallucinating, man

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