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what is mantrap?

machine and network transient program

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    1 decade ago
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    Pl. click for machine and network transient program:

    (What is a mantrap?

    A mantrap is a security device that monitors and controls two or more interlocking doors to a small room that separates a non-secured area from a secured area. These interlocking doors allow only one door to be open at any time.

    Why is it called a mantrap?

    Before electronic security was available, vestibules with two electrically locked doors were used to control access into sensitive areas. These doors were controlled by security personnel whose job was to determine if the person trying to enter was allowed into the area. The individual was allowed through the first door where his credentials would be checked and verified. If the person was trying to enter without authorization, then the guard would lock the doors, trapping the individual within the vestibule. This allowed the security personnel time to physically remove the intruder and question them.)

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    Understand the person man weakness.

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