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Why did my mother give me a ceramic dog for christmas?

Why in the world would my mother give me a ceramic dog vase for christmas? I've never been a ceramic anything person, and I don't have pets because I work out of town. You would think that after all this time, she would know me better.

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    maybe she feels like she doesn't know you--some of your likes and dislikes, if anything it sounds cute~I've heard of worse. Once I worked w/a girl whose mother gave her mickey mouse underwear for christmas. she was 23.

    SHe couldn't believe it. but kept laughing about it like her mother was an idiot

    My mother knows me pretty well, and once for my birthday she gave me a windmill

    I felt like you do now

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    Maybe it's a valuable collectible and she wanted you to have it.? Look on the bottom for a name. I haven't seen any dog vases. Ask her where she go it.

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    Yeah i understand that i visit get some undesirable stuff for yuletide too. generally after a on the same time as of present giving ppl land up purchase what "they" think of is a dazzling present and are blind sighted as to what you opt on/decide on. it particularly is strange yet you will desire to remeber it particularly is the thought that counts and remeber to get the recipt returned out of your mom so which you would be able to substitute it. lol. Merry yuletide

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    Would you have preferred she gave you nothing at all? You don't seem to be terribly deserving of anything.

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    accept the gift with grace....don't be so petty....

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