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Why does my laptop get hot?!!!?

My laptop gets pretty hot on the bottom, and when the fan gets covered even somewhat, my computer starts to lag. Any suggestions?

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    laptops get hot because they are compact and the CPU is in close proxcimity to the case.

    when you cover the fan it does not allow enough air to circulate which in turn does not cool the CPU propperly and the CPU heats up past the specs of the CPU.

    Heat causes attenuation in circuitry which causes the laptop to lag.

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    how long has this been going on, heat is the worse thing a laptop doesn't need, I suggest to invest in a better fan, I make sure to clean mind once in awhile, with one of those compress air cans you can buy at walmart in the electronics dept.

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    If you keep the vents on your laptop hidden or blocked, it runs hot, or if the fans inside the laptop are having problems or stop spinning.

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  • SKG R
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    All laptop does as the Hard disk gets heated.

    Give a break.

    Merry X mas.

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    prop it up on something. It needs to be able to vent the heat that the CPU produces. If its an Inspiron (DELL) then you probably have some dust build up so you need to get some compressed air and blow it in the "intake" on the side.

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    Definitely keep that vent clear. You might check and see if your battery is on recall or not...quickly. There have been millions of them recalled over the past year or two, some of them very dangerous.

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    1 decade ago

    if you will keep it on for a long time it will obveously be hot.

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