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When shopping from the people who sell stuff on the sidewalks of Manhattan New York, how would you judge it?

How would you guys judge the quality of the stuff that is sold on the sidewalks of Manhattan New York? (the people who sell like cashmere scarves, bags, sweatshirts, shirts, etc) I recently bought a sweatshrit that says "NYC" on it for 15 bucks from one of those places, but i am not sure if the quality is good or not. 15 bucks was the cheapest ic ould find but other places were much more expensive.

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    1 decade ago
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    It really depends on your taste. Most of the things are trendy items, like "designer" sunglasses and bags, "cashmere" scarves, etc. If you are buying things for casual use, the city is great for accessories like jewelry and handbags. If you're going for good quality (both in appearance and performance), street vendors are not the place to go. There are plenty of middle-priced stores in NYC (H&M, Forever21, the Gap, etc) to go to get things like that. If you are looking for basics like sweatshirts and t-shirts, there is generally nothing wrong with buying from vendors. A cotton blend hoodie is a cotton blend hoodie. The quality will probably not be as high as it would be in established stores, but the clothing will serve its purpose. In fact, it is probably wiser to buy basics cheaply, because otherwise the quality will not be worth the higher price at more expensive places. Just be sure to look for holes, stains, etc, as always.

    happy holidays.

    Source(s): experience shopping in the city :)
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    4 years ago

    why nike stuff whats a coach? assuming its shoes you may try ebay bag basically get a jansport or seem in any recreation shop in case your speaking recreation backpacks y would you want a coat? for school? basically get a sweater nike is a recreation employer they probably dont promote pencil circumstances what next your going to positioned on nike pants and use nike pencils wearing too a lot nike stuff makes you seem as if a wannabie basically positioned on nike shoes

  • 1 decade ago

    i bought a 5 dollar bag that had people thinkin it was in th hundreds so i guess u gotta see wats good and wats not worth it i wounldnt get watches and stuff like that but thats just me

  • 1 decade ago

    C'mon, it's just cheap stuff that needs not be judged for nothing. Just go ahead, treat yourself, and if you happen to buy something that proves to be no good, well, bad luck, so what.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its upto your taste and your luck, but usually it shows that the quality is quite poor

  • 1 decade ago


    Source(s): Been there, had friends stiffed with junk.
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