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Anonymous asked in Yahoo ProductsOther - Yahoo Products · 1 decade ago

How do I get started with affiliate marketing?

Any advice for a newby?

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    1 decade ago
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    Its good that you want to get into affiliate marketing. I have been an affiliate marketer for a little over a year now.... and there is simply no turning back.

    I have created a website which shares some of my experiences. You can check it out here:

    Also, here are some specific sites you should look at.... I have learnt alot from these:

    Ewen Chia - This is specific for if you don't have a website.

    Roslind Gardner -

    Various People -

    And if your really interested and serious about building an affiliate marketing business -

    Hope this helps,


  • you must first build a website. Since we are on yahoo. It is pretty cheap to get a basic Yahoo web hosting site, They give you all the templates on here to easily create your site. Your site should offer a topic promoting the things you wish to sell. If you cannot write about it. you can get free web content from

    Once you build your site. Please e-mail me through here and I will point you to two reputable free to join affiliate sites that have major companies on there that you can earn money from.

    Once you decide which programs you wish to join then you can easily copy and paste the html code the affilitae program gives you right on to your site ( yahoo site builder makes it easy)

    When people go on to your website and click the affiliate banners you get paid . Cha Ching!

    You also have to market your website in the search engines which you can easily do under cost per click marketing under yahoo and google. It can cost you as little as 5 cents per click when someone clicks your ad to go to your website. So make your content good so they will feel motivated to order from your affiliates so you can make up for your over head costs.

    Source(s): I belong to two reputable affiliate programs that market for national chains like blockbuster, target and many others reputable businesses.
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    5 years ago

    there are a number of application and memberships online which will instruct all and sundry approximately a thank you to establish an associate advertising and marketing campaign. one factor this is taken under consideration necessary is to be certain you assemble emails before sending the guy to an associate internet site. the clarification for that's so which you will artwork on development your employer employer in simple terms such as you're helping the owner or the buddies application. you ought to %. a application which you're feeling good approximately. good adequate which you will write articles approximately. you ought to use web2.0 web pages like squidoo, hubgages to place in writing your articles. make optimistic your articles are benefit laced no longer useful properties. human beings purchase reward which charm to the thoughts. Then, in simple terms artwork on employing site visitors to the pages and assemble names. So, with that reported, you are going to choose an autoresponder and you're waiting to commence when you have picked your buddies application. Oh, make the effort and in simple terms artwork on a million at time. Make that one rewarding before going to a diverse. *one mistake human beings make isn't focusing. Oh, learn reproduction writing. seek yahoo or google for copywriters to pointers on a thank you to place in writing compelling articles. attempt each and every thing and song each and every thing. advertising and marketing is math no longer guess artwork. good success, Gmar

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