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Can any canadian enter any country in the world without a visa?

I just need to know whether any canadian with a canadian passport enter any country in the world with out a visa and if not all which countries need a visa before any canadian could visit it

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    Australia is one country I can think of that requires a visa for all visitors, but I am sure there are many others.

    Source(s): I'm Canadian and I once spent a night in Singapore cooling my heels waiting to get an Australian visa.
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    No, Canadians cannot enter every country without visa. They need a visa to enter several countries.

    Here is a site with more information:

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    Hi friend,

    we need to visa to visit one another country,we can easily know that you will need visa to go any other country.

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    well... almost every country require visa...u can have a travel visa and visit other countries ..this is applicable to almost all the countries.

    Good Luck

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    there arent 12 million canadians who've come right here illegally and refuse to pass back domicile. heck with their greater beneficial wellness care.. and absence of wars of earnings.. they should maintain US out! same factor.. there arent 12 million unlawful human beings residing in mexico. who refuse to pass back domicile. now i undecided why.. dont extremely care.. yet there are 12 million mexican/hispanics residing right here in u . s . a . that got here right here illegally and refuse to pass domicile.. their sources could be seized.. as is the case every time somebody revenue from crime. and that they ought to be deported with 50 money of their wallet on a one way value ticket. in the event that they come back they should face a 20 3 hundred and sixty 5 days reformatory sentance at difficult labour. wannt come to this usa.. do it legally.. or rot in reformatory. i've got self assurance people who're from canada like it with the aid of fact it is not a banana republic.. which mexico is closer to than the u . s . a ... yet hte u . s . a . is immediately starting to be to be a banana republic... if mexico had greater social courses like canada does their electorate wouldnt ought to flee from the corruption of their govt. that shall we them be unemployed ravenous slaves. dont hassle quickly it incredibly is going to likely be us electorate finding to bounce borders to get the heck out of this banana republic.

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    Philippines, Japan, and other asian countries.

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    no u need something so they no who u r and where u were born.

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