I need some trendy & strange baby name suggestions...?

Middle names I like:



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    Girls: Rowan, Calla, Romy, Ellery, Astaire, Avalyn

    Boys: Stellan, Kelan, Grady, Grayson, Augusten, Maguire, Greer

    Check the phone book. It's tedious, however, sometimes obscure last names make the most interesting (and possibly trendy in the future) type of names.

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    VinnieG makes a great point. Nothing is wrong with a little originality, but these are not puppies you are talking about naming. Every other commercial driven mom out there, these days, wants to name their child after a car or find new way to spell an old name. Do they ever stop to think of how the child will be affected? These are children, not pets or dolls. What a waste of time.

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    Well here are some suggestions.... courtesy of http://www.babyhold.com , I use this site all the time with everything regarding baby names I recommend you should try it!


    Curr -- The name Curr comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Curr is: Hero.

    Lovell -- in French The meaning of the name Lovell is: Wolf cub.

    Cobhan -- The name Cobhan comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Cobhan is: Dwells by the hillside hollow.

    Faulkner -- comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Faulkner is: Variant of Falkner: Falconer; one who trains falcons.

    Keeley --. In Irish The meaning of the name Keeley is: Variant of Kelly: War. Lively. Aggressive. An Irish surname that has only been used as a first name (either gender) in the latter half of the 20th century.


    Abaigeal-- comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Abaigeal is: Gives joy.

    Aethelind -- An Old English name from an Old German name meaning noble snake.

    Zurine - In Spanish The meaning of the name Zurine is: White.

    I hope you like some of these... you can get many more at


    Good luck!

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    Gobbles, Sven, Teto, Xerox, Tortus, Ollie, Oleo, Kozmo, Gabriel,

    Ragnarok, Peter, Zimthorn, Xortho, Darren, Psyopsis, Thor, Krell, Ironman, Ramthorne, Scott, Duell, Hershey, Giardia,

    John Hinkley, Hank, Horace, Hercules, Gregenstein, Dratkull, Kelso

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    If Chris Martin and.. erm.. whats her name.. that actress who was in Sliding Doors.. can name their baby Apple, why not name your baby after another fruit? How about Coconut? Sounds very tropical. What about Kiwi? Cool name for a girl. Naming your kids after a flower is trendy also. Daisy is really awesome for a girl.

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    Try my kids' names,

    how about

    Pantera, Athene, Sambrea, LaShell, Kaylia.

    Xavior, Devlin, Ambrose, DeShay, Kassonie

    Zeek, Byrone,

    If those are different enough just go get a list of the celeberty babies' names. Those are some strange names.

    Source(s): Family and friends, Except for Byrone and Ambrose. The rest are family names. My children and nieces and nephews.
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    My daughter named her son Endymion Malachi. Endymion according to myth was a poor shepherd the moon goddess fell in love with & together they populated the heavens. Their children being the stars or something like that. Malachi from the Bible. Hubby just laughs & calls him Butch. lol!

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    Why do you want to saddle your child with a "trendy" and "strange" name? That's very selfish and juvenile of you!

    I'm a middle school teacher, and I can tell you CHILDREN ARE CRUEL TO THEIR PEERS!!

    Ever read "Lord Of The Flies"?

    Well, that's what it's like in a middle school schoolyard, gym or lunchroom!

    And if the bullies among your child's clasmates can single out a kid for abuse they will.

    Giving your kid a weird name will give the bullies a hook to hang their abuse on. And there's only so much that we can do for your kid (they don't want to be seen as "snitches" so they will not complain when their peers abuse them - all we can do is break up the fights and send them to the nurse if they're bleeding)

    Why not give your child a normal name, and change YOUR name to something "trendy" and "strange", so YOUR peers can ridicule YOU???

    You're grown, you can handle it - unlike your kid.

    My God, what is it with parents today????

    Source(s): I'm a New York City public school teacher.
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